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IPSA Digital Lock IP KP 01 Silver
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IPSA Digital Lock IP KP 01 Silver

Item No: IP KP 01 Silver
Brief Requirement
Brief Description


It is wireless system and stand alone doorlock from IPSA. An intelligent door lock requires no wiring, is controlled by the program installed in the lock and activated by cards which are issued by computer. These types of hi tech locks enhances, security, reliability and convenience. It is slim, elegant solution whether you need it for your home or business, This item features access via both keypad and RFID card reader, and provides a number of additional features to boost security levels.

Better Security Options

Random security codes prevent wear on commonly-pressed keypad digits and the Nightlock feature allows a person on the inside to prevent access to all parties, even authorized users. The system powers off for three minutes following five invalid password entries, and in the event of a power failure the unit stays locked.

The 70 possible users on the system can be given unique passwords, added or removed individually. The included Magnetic Sensor Automatic Locking Feature locks the door two seconds after you close it, providing an extra level of ease and an added stage of security.
The door can be opened with a card.The door can be opened with a card fit for support standard as well as a card contained in the product (Support for the ISO14443A-Type, Up to 70 including the password can be registered).
The door can also be opened with a password.
Once the user's password is registered, the door can be opened without a key by entering the registered password. (Up to 70 including cards can be registered)
The door does not have to be locked manually.
Using the automatic locking function, the door is automatically locked when it closes, eliminating the need to lock it manually.
Double locking function adds security.
The double locking function adds security by preventing the door from being opened from outside at night or at times when extra security is needed.
Pranks played by children and juveniles can be prevented.
When an unregistered card is used, or when an invalid password is entered 5 or more times consecutively, an alarm sound is generated and power to the lock is automatically cut off for three minutes.


  • These locks have exquisite appearance, strong structure and are safe and reliable.
  • These are suitable for Villa, Office, Military Area, Apartments and Amusements Park.
  • Multiple type of high-security unlocking methods are available that include Finger print security, code system etc.
  • One-key opening function can be set: pull up front cover just open door.
  • Easy to learn and use. Installation is included in the cost and is performed by the company representatives.
  • These use 9V extra power batteries which are safe and convenient.
  • These locks have a memory to store upto  200 password and 60 opening methods.
  • Free handle mechanism is implemented in the doors which prevents the door from being opened by force.
  • The finger prints of any user can be added or deleted from the system without affecting other users.
  • A special hood is adop
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