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Jamshed Mehta is remembered as the builder of modern Karachi ….. patriot, theosophist, philanthropist and mayor of that city for 13 years. He inspired Pherozesha Sidhwa, a young lawyer to abandon his articleship and start a tile manufacturing unit with his nephew Rustom Sidhwa ……and there began the Bharat Tile Company. The trade mark of the company stamped on the back of every tile was, of course, a map of India (including what are now Pakistan and Bangladesh). To the founders of Bharat Tiles, Pherozesha Sidhwa and Rustom Sidhwa, the quality of tiles produced was critical. The reasons for this went beyond aesthetics, into hard business sense- it the tiles were not as good as imported ones, nobody would buy them. In 1923, Pherozesha was dissatisfied with a batch of black and white tiles made for New Readymoney Building (Flora Fountain). So he stopped delivery and took the dramatic step of having the entire batch thrown into sea.

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Designer tiles are custom designed to suit the users needs. The tiles can be used to create designer floors, which uniquely reflect the customers taste and personality. Each cement tile is crafted by hand from the finest ingredients, carefully selected and blended to create a quality tile in rich and glowing colours. These tiles were first used in the palaces of Maharajas, in Raj Bhavans, and in landmark public buildings. Later, others, who also appreciated a beautiful floor, used these tiles in their residences and offices. These tiles are now part of the countries architectural heritage and can still be seen in a few heritage buildings all over India......

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