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Company : H.R. Johnson (India) Ltd

H. & R. Johnson (India) Limited is India's No. 1 tile company offering a wide range of wall and floor tile products across various segments v.i.z. Wall, Floor, Vitrified, Exterior and Industrial. The company also has diversified interests in sanitary ware and bathroom accessories. With a vast portfolio comprising of 5 well-known brands in India (Johnson, Marbonite, Porselano, Endura & Milano) the company provides the most innovative products of international standards that is coupled with the best of pre and after sales service.

H.R. Johnson (India) Ltd - Johnson Leatherland Not just tiles, Lifestyles

Company : Tile Flooring : Johnson Leatherland Not just tiles, Lifestyles
What if you could let your home out of the house for a day? Would it wiggle its toes in the sand?Or would it tickle fingers on wt grass? Perhaps It'd race after tigers chasing their prey.

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H.R. Johnson (India) Ltd - Johnson Woodenza

Company : Wooden flooring : Johnson Woodenza
Engineered and Laminated wood floors

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