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Kurlon Limited - Kurlon Mattresses

Lucknow : Interior Lifestyle : Kurlon Mattresses
Kurlon mattresses are manufactured with a combination of coir fibre (Coco) and natural rubber latex blended together with machinery of superior Austrian technology. Millions of tiny coir springs in Kurlon, which are bonded with latex and compressed provide complete back support. Kurlon's structure allows free circulation of air and prevents heat build-up. As Kurlon is made of natural materials like rubber and coir, it is absolutely eco-friendly.

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H.R. Johnson (India) Ltd - Johnson Leatherland Not just tiles, Lifestyles

Lucknow : Tile Flooring : Johnson Leatherland Not just tiles, Lifestyles
What if you could let your home out of the house for a day? Would it wiggle its toes in the sand?Or would it tickle fingers on wt grass? Perhaps It'd race after tigers chasing their prey.

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Keywords : Tiles.Floor Tiles Tile Flooring Johnson Tiles Leatherland Tiles
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Lauret Deergha - Lauret Bath Tubs

Lucknow : Bathroom : Lauret Bath Tubs
Lauret and Me. And we rule hearts. With distinctive sculpted lines and soft edges, Caspain Wood from Lauret Designer Line bathtubs is the symbol of understated elegance and the ideal compliment to modern decor

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Quick Step - Natural Floor Designed by Quick-Step

Lucknow : Flooring : Natural Floor Designed by Quick-Step
Merbau is a rare Asian wood the a typical intense reddish brown color. Quick-step offers you an alternative that looks just like it, but with the easy care and durability of laminate. Add charm to your interior with the character of Quick-step Merbau boards.

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Keywords : Wooden Flooring Flooring Design Floor Design
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ESSESS Bath Fittings and Accessories - Cruzo Just Simplicity. Period.

Lucknow : Bathroom Accessories : Cruzo Just Simplicity. Period.
A combination of futuristic design and elegant chrome finish brings the minimalistic look to your bathroom.

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Keywords : Faucets Bath Fittings Ess Ess Bath Fittings Bathroom Accessories
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Greenply Industries Ltd - Veneer so exquisite, they may never get used.

Lucknow : Bedroom Furniture : Veneer so exquisite, they may never get used.
Veneer Thickness 0.5MM+, Borer and Termite Proof Veneer, 100% Gurjan Base Ply, MIT Technology

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Keywords : Greenlam Laminates Ply Block Board Decorative Veneers Plywood Particle Boards Restroom Cubicles
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Blue Star Limited - Blue Star VRF Aircondiotioning Systems

Lucknow : Home Improvement : Blue Star VRF Aircondiotioning Systems
Presenting a new range of eco-friendly VRF Airconditioning Systems from Blue Star.Blue Star's VRF Systems are not only intelligent, but they also think of the environment.

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Keywords : Air Conditions Blue Star Airconditions VRF System eco-friendly airconditions
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