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Precise Conchem Pvt. Ltd. - Silico Plast (River Sand)

Company : Cement : Silico Plast (River Sand)
Silico Plast conforms to the norms of quality and consistency of sand, for ready to use especially in masonry, plastering and waterproofing work etc. Why Silico Plast is Superior is to other sand? Contains superior quality river sand with distribution of analysis base particles clean & double screened Enhanced workability. Easy to maintain the ratio of mortar ingredients. Increased resistance to moisture Reduces Shrinkage cracks, crazing and gives uniform smooth surface. Regularly supply as on requirement. Convenient packing for easy handling & stacking on site. No cost increase by using Silico Plast compare to local sand. Above all, Economical and Environmental friendly......

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Keywords : River Sand Cement Flyash Grade Sand Beach Sand Paver Block Concrete Block
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Gold Plus Group - Trium, making magic with glass

Company : Glass Doors : Trium, making magic with glass
TRIUM isn`t just about the 'desire to get triumph', it`s also about the deep passionate desire to attain perfection. Over the years, JIMMY SALES & RESEARCH, the flagship company of GOLD PLUS group, has redefined the art and science of creating magic with glass TRIUM enhonces a perfect blend of metal and glass, skills and technologies to create a perfect glass fittings - perfect enough to appease even the strongest critics.

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Keywords : Door Closer Patch Fitting Handrail Support System Door Handles Sliding Door Fitting Reinforcement Bars Glass Clamps Manet Fittings Plate Spider System
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ACC Limited - ACC Cement

Company : Cement : ACC Cement
ACC cement has received excellent responsibility and 95% of Gagal Works production is ACC Suraksha. They have also disputed sale of cement bags by opposite party no.1 to the complainant, for the reasons that no invoice is appended in support of such sale. It is denied that cement used by the complainant, was sub-standard and that no such proof qua it, adduced. Hence, denied his averments in totality. Complainant not entitled for any compensation.

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Keywords : ACC Cement ACC Cements Cement Cements Blended Cement Bulk Cement Ready Mix Concrete
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Binani Industries Limited - Binani Cement

Company : Raw Material : Binani Cement
The Company's product portfolio includes Ordinary Portland Cement and Pozzolana Portland Cement. Marketed under the premium ‘Binani Cement’ brand name, it has become a name synonymous with cement in India. And with subsidiaries in Dubai, China and many other potential international markets, Binani Cement is well and truly set on the path of becoming a brand the world builds with.

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Keywords : Cement Plant Cement Industry Concrete Cement Cement Production Cement Mixer Cement Mixers Cements Binani Cement Binani Group
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Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. - Cement

Company : Raw Material : Cement
Dalmia Cement is specially designed to provide extra protection and strength, compared to ordinary cements. It is manufactured with state-of-the-art CVRM technology. This gives the cement an optimal particle size distribution, which in turn, enables denser concrete.

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Keywords : CementCement Plant Cement Industry Concrete Cement Cement Production Cement Mixer Cement Mixers Cements Cement For Houses Cement For Infrastructure Costal Cement Superoof Cement Dalmia Cement
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JK Cement Limited - J.K. White Cement

Company : Raw Material : J.K. White Cement
We manufacture white cement under the brand names J.K. White and Camel. White Cement is produced using a different quality of limestone and is distinguished from grey cement by its white color.

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Keywords : JK Cement JK Cements JK White Cement Cement Cement Ltd Cements Grey Cement JK Water Proof JK Wall Putty
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