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Furniture Plaza - Aristocrat

Company : Living room : Aristocrat
Clad in sensuous black synthetic leather matched with elegant wooden armrests and legs, Aristocrat certainly makes an impression. It boasts of extended lumbar support, pocket springs in the seat and a special side-pocket with chrome accents. This pocket can be used to store remotes, newspapers and various other knick-knacks. With its opulent looks and inventive features Aristocrat is guaranteed to make you feel like the lord of the manor.

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Sparkle Top - Fusion With Compact Laminates

Company : Kitchen : Fusion With Compact Laminates
At Sparkletop, we don’t just do things off the top of our heads. We channel explosive creativity into crystallizing designs for today’s living spaces. That’s why our range of kitchen and wardrobe accessories is an expression of more than sheer sophistication and class. It’s because Sparkletop accessories are about more. They’re about a statement of the style that our customers are accustomed to -- distinctive, robust, rust-resistant, functional, integrate-able, compact yet high-storage capable. And created with optimum standards of quality and manufacturing. Because that’s what we do at Sparkletop – create good, strong and flexible space-saving accessories because our customers need them. All as an art form......

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