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VARMORA GRANITO PVT. LTD. - Varmora Vitrified Tiles

Company : Flooring : Varmora Vitrified Tiles
Varmora Vitrified Tiles

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Keywords : Vitrified Tiles Floor Tiles Wall Tiles Porcelain Tiles Wall Carpet
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COMET GRANITO PVT. LTD - Comet Vitrified Tiles

Company : Flooring : Comet Vitrified Tiles
Comet Vitrified Tiles from COMET GRANITO PVT. LTD

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Keywords : Vitrified Tiles Rustic Tiles Floor Tiles Tile Flooring
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lorenzo vitrified tiles pvt. ltd. - Lorenzo Vitrified Tiles

Company : Flooring : Lorenzo Vitrified Tiles
Lorenzo Vitrified Tiles

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Keywords : Vitrified Tiles Tile Flooring Flooring Floor Tiles
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Sonarch International Pvt. Ltd. - Picasso Ceramic Tiles

Company : Glazed Tiles : Picasso Ceramic Tiles
Picasso Ceramic Tiles are Heat Vibration Resistance, Crack Resistance, Pollution / Acid / Alkali Resistance Available in 300x450 and 300x600 sizes with complete concepts of Light, Dark, Borders, Motifs and Floors Available Ex-Stock Competitive Pricing

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Keywords : Ceramic Tiles Wall TilesHeat Vibration Resistance Tiles Crack Resistance Tiles
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Bharat Floorings & Tiles (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd. - Bhart Flooring Designer Tiles

Company : Flooring : Bhart Flooring Designer Tiles
Designer tiles are custom designed to suit the users needs. The tiles can be used to create designer floors, which uniquely reflect the customers taste and personality. Each cement tile is crafted by hand from the finest ingredients, carefully selected and blended to create a quality tile in rich and glowing colours. These tiles were first used in the palaces of Maharajas, in Raj Bhavans, and in landmark public buildings. Later, others, who also appreciated a beautiful floor, used these tiles in their residences and offices. These tiles are now part of the countries architectural heritage and can still be seen in a few heritage buildings all over India......

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Keywords : Tiles Designer Tiles Floor Tiles Mosaic Tiles Non-Slip Tiles
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H.R. Johnson (India) Ltd - Johnson Leatherland Not just tiles, Lifestyles

Company : Tile Flooring : Johnson Leatherland Not just tiles, Lifestyles
What if you could let your home out of the house for a day? Would it wiggle its toes in the sand?Or would it tickle fingers on wt grass? Perhaps It'd race after tigers chasing their prey.

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Keywords : Tiles.Floor Tiles Tile Flooring Johnson Tiles Leatherland Tiles
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Pavit Ceramics Pvt.Ltd. - Terrene

Company : Raw Material : Terrene
On the path of continuous innovation the company went on adding value-added products in its kitty and its recent offering TERRENE is a rectified, unpolished, homogeneous, vitrified tile that is unique in its category. TERRENE can be used in interior as well as in exterior both vertically and horizontally. This versatile product strives to bring nature and technology together.

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Keywords : Tiles Tiles Shades
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