Plant Container with Decorated Twigs
By : Vipul Hasija - On 12/31/2008- 9231 View(s) - 1 Comment(s)
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Pedestal Vase with Decorated T....
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Ornamental glass jar
You can give a decorative look to the jar by using the unused items at home.
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Pillow beauty
Pillow beauty
For a different style, border your rectangular pillows with frills. You can use your old saree or any old dupatta for making frills. If you like flowers, then give your pillow flower shape for a touching look. Frilled bed linen embedded with flowers expresses the freshness in your room.
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Bamboo candle stands
Bamboo candle stands
Candle stands always make the meal tastier if you look at the candles on the dining tables showering romantic light in the dark room.
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