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Pooja Room
Pooja Room space provided by Builder. 92.5" height 59" Depth 38" Opening Width - Vastu limitations The directions highlighted on the door floor Simple, economical easy to maintian Temple interior is what to be achieved.UPDATE 1  * concept drawing  to utilize the space in most economical way. a blockwork step with white marble top and risers to keep the idols and the top wall space covered with a big photo frame ( approx. 26" width  x 34" long)UPDATE 2The block work done and white marble top and riser fixed.** a marble step at door to block water while washing from hall from entering into pooja room* the Top step inside temple height in such a way that the IDOL is placed above any seat arrangement inside the Flat.UPDATE 3the concept how to place idols and about the photo frame placed on the top wall