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Frond Elevation for 2 Floor building Orientation of Building
Orientation of Building
 - On 05/25/2010 - 62298 View(s) - 12 Comment(s)
To get maximum ventilation and natural light in your house, make sure the building is properly oriented. Orientation of building saves energy and provides comfortable living as well. This article tells you about various factors and benefits of building orientation.
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Frond Elevation for 2 Floor building Building New Home V/S Buying Builder Flat
Building New Home V/S Buying Builder Flat
 - On 03/27/2012 - 13168 View(s) - 1 Comment(s)
Buying a builder’s flat may be costlier for you rather than building a new home. But if you plan to make your own, you will have to devote your time on arranging raw materials and hiring contractor to ensure the quality of construction. This article gives details of the pros and cons of building a new home and builders’ flat.
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3d design of house elevation
3d design of house elev...
Study Room Wooden Flooring
Study Room Wooden Floor...
Elevation Design by Agrahari Engineers Jabalpur
Elevation Design by Agr...
front elevation
Exterior elevation design
Cupola Proportions
 - On 02/14/2013 - 175 View(s) -  Comment(s)
Tips for cupola proportions
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Frond Elevation for 2 Floor building Guidelines for Ventilation in Building
Guidelines for Ventilation in Building
 - On 05/25/2010 - 17098 View(s) - 3 Comment(s)
Proper ventilation in building ensures sound health and good living conditions. This write-up tells you some tips for proper ventilation while designing a building.
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Frond Elevation for 2 Floor building Gharexpert can save you money during construction
Gharexpert can save you money during construction
 - On 05/25/2010 - 37838 View(s) - 9 Comment(s)
Do you know almost all individual home construction projects in India take more money to complete than what people originally plan? If planned properly, we all can save 10% or more on our home construction projects. has collected a series of articles where our objective is to share with you all the tricks that you could use to save money in building your dream home!
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Which Are Various Reasons of Cracks in Buildings?
 - On 09/27/2010 - 47146 View(s) - 12 Comment(s)
Cracks can happen due to foundation movements and settlements of building, thermal movements, chemical reactions, elastic deformations and shrinkage etc. in buildings. They can damage plaster of walls, ceilings and destroy the beauty of the structure also. Let’s know their reasons in detail and get preventive measures.
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Frond Elevation for 2 Floor building Fire Resistant Building Material
Fire Resistant Building Material
 - On 05/04/2010 - 22081 View(s) - 2 Comment(s)
A building constructed with fire resistant material can safe guard you and your family from fire damage. This article will tell you more about fire resistant build materials.
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Frond Elevation for 2 Floor building How to Design a Garage
How to Design a Garage
 - On 11/12/2011 - 4214 View(s) -  Comment(s)
How to design a garage- Read ideas and tips before designing your garage. It helps you the decide the location and in designing a unique and functinal garage. You can design multi-purpose garage that provide extra storage space for car or other vehicles and household articles also.
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Frond Elevation for 2 Floor building How to ensure weight of steel members?
How to ensure weight of steel members?
 - On 03/26/2012 - 12004 View(s) - 2 Comment(s)
Before you purchase mild steel members for construction of your house, you must know weight and cost of steel members since the shopkeeper shows prices of steel members in weight. This article gives details of estimated weight and cost of steel members.
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Frond Elevation for 2 Floor building Earthquake Resistant Building Construction
Earthquake Resistant Building Construction
 - On 09/21/2011 - 21796 View(s) - 2 Comment(s)
Earthquakes strike without much warning. It may harm badly designed & constructed buildings killing its inhabitants. Tips in this article explain about the earthquake resistant construction & your response if the earth quake does happen.
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Frond Elevation for 2 Floor building Comparison between Basement and Additional Upper Floor
Comparison between Basement and Additional Upper Floor
 - On 05/25/2010 - 7743 View(s) - 6 Comment(s)
Construction of basement and multi storey building is the need of the hour as there is less availability of land and rates of the land are very high. We get additional usable space by constructing either basement or upper floor.
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Frond Elevation for 2 Floor building Demarcation/layout Procedure
Demarcation/layout Procedure
 - On 05/25/2010 - 73175 View(s) - 14 Comment(s)
Baseline is marked on the ground either from centre line of the road or from any permanent building nearby
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Which are chief causes of fire in building?
 - On 03/31/2012 - 3865 View(s) - 1 Comment(s)
.Smoking .Electrical Wiring .Heating and Cooking Equipment
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What is recommended method to remove the cracks from building?
 - On 09/27/2010 - 3976 View(s) - 1 Comment(s)
The cracks are repaired by using low-pressure injection of epoxy or polyurethane foam repair material.
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What steps are recommended for painting an existing building?
 - On 07/24/2009 - 2536 View(s) -  Comment(s)
It may be necessary to prepare your walls painting if they are worse and solid to remove the natural household layers those can be, especially in the kitchens and the rooms adjoining the kitchen . Remove dust, stains and grease by using a household detergent and warm water. Rinse well.
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How many fixing units can be connected to a building sewer?
 - On 07/24/2009 - 2536 View(s) -  Comment(s) - On 06/28/2007 - 5304 View(s) - 2 Comment(s)
The diameter of soil and waste pipes should be based on fixing units...........
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What are anti-termite chemicals? How to control them?
 - On 02/19/2013 - 9443 View(s) - 2 Comment(s)
For Termite Control in existing as well as new buildings, soil treatment with chemical is essential in order to protect buildings against termite attack.
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How does earth quake affect the building?
 - On 04/14/2009 - 5185 View(s) -  Comment(s)
The outer shell of the earth called lithosphere is broken into plates which are in constant motion, moving at about the same speed that fingernail grows.
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Layout of Building
 - On 05/25/2010 - 88569 View(s) - 54 Comment(s)
The real meaning and purpose of setting out (layout) is to transfer the plan, length and width of its foundation on the ground so that the foundation can be excavated for construction of purposed building as per drawing.
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Column and Frame Structure Building
 - On 09/28/2010 - 97023 View(s) - 31 Comment(s)
Columns are used to support the beam or roofs and transfer the load to the earth. These serve the decorative purpose also
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