House Plans
House Plans
Proposed plan in a 40 feet by 30 feet plot
Proposed plan in a 40 f...
Shower enclosure gives ...
2900 sq feet elevation

4 bed room attached 
2 common toilet
2900 sq feet elevation
large bathroom modern design
large bathroom modern d...
Master Bathroom layout with two Doors and a pocket door in center of bathroom.
Master Bathroom Layout
Swinging Shower Door
Swinging Shower Door
modern and spacious bathroom design
modern and spacious bat...
Bathroom Vantilation
Bathroom Vantilation
Kids bathroom in greenish flooring & painting with ronud bath tub and other accessories.
Modern Kids Bathroom
Nice decorative kids bathroom with elements of sailor theme
Decorating Ideas for Ki...
An easy and spacious layout for small size bathroom of 100 sq. ft.
Modern bathroom design ...
its belongs to south facing plan
House plan for 45 * 24 ...
bathroom mirror
bathroom mirror
A hose plan of 1800 sqfoot plot.
30 X 60 = 1800 sq foot
900 sq foot House Plan
900 sq foot House Plan
T-Shape Bathroom Layout having a large bath tub
T-Shape Bathroom Layout
12 by 9 ft spacious bathroom with bathtub
12 by 9 ft spacious bat...
600 sq foot House Plan
600 sq foot House Plan
Exhaust Fan Placement in wall for bathroom ventilation
Exhaust Fan Placement i...
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