House Plans
House Plans
Wall Design and Furniture for Kids Room
Wall Design and Furnitu...
POP Design for both Wall and Ceiling
POP Design for both Wal...
This is one of projects done by us in Pune. Here we have designed a living room wall for TV.
Wall Desig for TV or LCD
POP work sample extended to a wall
POP work sample extende...
Wall Unit Design
Wall Unit Design
Laminate on bed headboard wall
Laminate on bed headboa...
kitchen with dark &light same colour combination
kitchen with dark &ligh...
Living Room ceiling, walls, stairs, flooring and Furniture
Living Room ceiling, wa...
Finished ceiling
Finished ceiling
Wall coves for decorative items and fixed dressing table
Wall coves for decorati...
LCD wall unit for bedroom
LCD wall unit for bedroom
Transparent PVC Strip Curtains:

             ATHENS Transparent PVC Strip Curtain is also known as Clear PVC Strip Curtain, Transparent PVC Strip Curtain, Common PVC Strip Curtain, Smooth PVC Strip Curtain,  Regular PVC Strip Curtain,  Clear White PVC Strip Curtain,  Clean Room PVC Strip Curtain, and Conventional PVC Strip Curtain. Transparent PVC Strip Curtain is most common and represents 90% of all PVC Strip Curtains sold in the market.
Clear PVC Strip Curtains
Insect-Amber PVC Strip Curtains:
               ATHENS Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtain is often called Yellow Smooth PVC Strip Curtain, No-Bug PVC Strip Curtain, Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtain, Insect Control PVC Strip Curtain and Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtain because it reduces the attraction of insects to light sources on the other side of the PVC strip. It also blocks ultraviolet radiation and can be used in many varied applications.
Insect Control PVC Stri...
Majlis View showing wall decor and ceiling design
Majlis View showing wal...
wooden headboard wall design for bedroom
wooden headboard wall d...
Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains:
            ATHENS Single Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain is reduces drag on loads and discourages strips from sticking together. The raised ribs cause the equipment moving through the door to impact the rib first instead of the smooth flat surface of smooth strip. Single Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains are available for all grades of PVC Strip Curtain.
Double Ribbed PVC Strip...
Green living room with large window
Green living room with ...
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