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Epoxy Structural Sealer Paint for  wall cracks 

Name:  Epoxy Structural Sealer Paint for  wall cracks , Seams for wall"s cracks


Epoxy Sealant(two-Component)Master King epoxy sealant based on epoxy resin, suitable for indoor easy to crack parts (such as wood, gypsum board, 

calcium silicate board seams) of the joints can also be used for building trap. It’s characteristics no sagging, no color bleeding, no yellowing , and lightweight construction, moderate dries time. After 

the product dries staggered distribution in specialty fibers form a mesh film, giving the structure a strong tensile strength 

and a certain toughness, the structure for long-term anti-cracking properties.

Two Component Epoxy Sealant 

1.High modulus,weathering resistance,heatproof 

2.Good compatibility 

3.Good elasticity


1.Epoxy-sealants is two-component,neutral room curing,high strength,large modulus for building use.

2.It can be change into a elastomer with weathering resistance,heatproof,no corrosion after curing when the component A reacts with component B according to the proportion in use.

3.Good weather ability and resistance to aging.

4.No corrosion to these building materials, such as, metal,coated glass,concrete,marble,granite etc.

5.Has a good bonding property to most of building materials and get a better bonding effect in some special materials with base coating because of good elasticity and displacement capacity±20%.

6. Has a good compatibility with other neutral silicone sealants.

7.The component A is deep color, the component B is white color, when using, mixing component A and component B at a weight ratio: 2:1.


suitable for indoor easy to crack parts (such as wood, gypsum board, calcium silicate board seams) of the joints can also be used for building trap. 


1. Be sure to the applicability of products by compatibility test be
[Product Description] M...
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