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entrance lobby flooring Inviting prosperity through the Main Door
Inviting prosperity through the Main Door
By: Amit Hasija - On 8/21/2011 - 63691 View(s) - 28 Comment(s)
The Main door being the most majestic & huge should always open inwards & the location of main door in a house or a plot is one of the most significant aspects that would bring in stability in the home or office constructed.
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entrance lobby flooring Hotel lobby lighting
Hotel lobby lighting
By: Mohini Sharma - On 6/7/2011 - 29596 View(s) - 3 Comment(s)
Lighting plays a pivotal role in an eye-catching hotel lobby. Lobby lighting is a special challenge for designers.
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entrance lobby flooring 4 Tips to Decorate Entrance Doors
4 Tips to Decorate Entrance Doors
By: Amit Hasija - On 7/16/2010 - 21902 View(s) - 10 Comment(s)
Most of us think of designing or decorating our home from inside and spend thousands of rupees on interior decoration rather than entry doors or entryways. Do we ever think of ornamentation of entryways and doors? After reading this article you will come to know about how inviting your entry ways can be?
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Which are various sources of entrance for termites in a building?
By: Subhash Tyagi - On 7/5/2007 - 2625 View(s) -  Comment(s)
The timber buried in ground. The means of mud shelter tubes constructed over unprotected foundations
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entrance lobby flooring Terrazzo flooring (Mosaic or Marble chip flooring)
Terrazzo flooring (Mosaic or Marble chip flooring)
By: Mohini Sharma - On 6/6/2011 - 28072 View(s) - 12 Comment(s)
Terrazzo flooring is popular for residential as well as public buildings since it is not slippery when wet.
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entrance lobby flooring Designing Floors with Ceramic Tiles
Designing Floors with Ceramic Tiles
By: Priti Arora - On 9/12/2011 - 17521 View(s) - 2 Comment(s)
Flooring whether in drawing room or in living room is basic component and a good design of floor not only looks elegant but also reflects your life statement. Ceramic tiles are a good option for designer flooring. Find out more ceramic tiles flooring here.
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entrance lobby flooring Flooring
By: Priti Arora - On 9/29/2010 - 62927 View(s) - 8 Comment(s)
A nice flooring lets your feet walk on it comfortably as well as adds to the beauty of the home. Flooring also reflect your lifestyle and traits. So dont go blindfolded for choosing the flooring. Here are details of diiferent types of flooring trend
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entrance lobby flooring Hardwood Flooring and its Installation
Hardwood Flooring and its Installation
By: Mohini Sharma - On 6/14/2011 - 9116 View(s) - 8 Comment(s)
Hardwood flooring is one of the expensive yet elegent flooring option. Its installation is not that typical but still needs a lot of care as a flooring not done carefully could get damaged quickly.
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Installation Precautions for Wooden Flooring
By: Amit Hasija - On 3/31/2012 - 3180 View(s) -  Comment(s)
Installation Precautions are compulsory to make wooden flooring long lasting. If You do not follow these precautions, you will have to bear a great loss in your wooden floors.
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entrance lobby flooring Tile Flooring, designs & installation guidelines
Tile Flooring, designs & installation guidelines
By: Amit Hasija - On 8/30/2010 - 30973 View(s) - 2 Comment(s)
One of the fastest growing trends in the flooring, tiles come in a wide variety of styles, patterns and colors. In this article we will discuss some of the guidelines one should keep in mind before going ahead with the tile flooring.
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entrance lobby flooring Bathroom Flooring
Bathroom Flooring
By: Priti Arora - On 9/28/2010 - 63985 View(s) - 8 Comment(s)
Nice looking bathroom flooring adds to the delight of bath giving you refreshment for the day to come.The flooring you opt for your bathroom should meet functional requirement of the room.
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What are special types of flooring?
By: Priti Arora - On 4/25/2009 - 4971 View(s) - 3 Comment(s)
Special types of flooring--Linoleum flooring..............
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entrance lobby flooring The Choice of Dining Room Flooring
The Choice of Dining Room Flooring
By: Priti Arora - On 8/28/2010 - 28641 View(s) - 4 Comment(s)
The flooring in dining room creates a nice feel to the family and guests while dining. Shiny, durable and nice looking floor will make us proud of pleasant place besides delicious food. Let’s make a choice of right flooring for dining room.
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entrance lobby flooring Wooden Flooring
Wooden Flooring
By: Mohini Sharma - On 2/18/2011 - 37856 View(s) - 8 Comment(s)
Do you want to add some spice to your home with amazing patterns of wooden flooring? Its' carved designs can keep pace with latest lifestyles. These designs and styles have always been known for their aesthetic craftsmanship.
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Ideas for designing of floor tiles
By: Priti Arora - On 5/14/2009 - 7370 View(s) - 5 Comment(s)
Floor tile design ideas are many. Within the home or business area, ceramic tiles can be used to enhance and beautify a
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entrance lobby flooring Appropriate Place for Kota Stone Flooring?
Appropriate Place for Kota Stone Flooring?
By: Mohini Sharma - On 5/18/2011 - 9487 View(s) - 3 Comment(s)
Appropriate places for Kota stone flooring--Bed-room,Drawing cum dining room.......
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entrance lobby flooring Specifications of marble stone flooring
Specifications of marble stone flooring
By: Mohini Sharma - On 6/10/2011 - 71338 View(s) - 18 Comment(s)
Marble stone is one of the common and best components for flooring. Use of marble provides a shining and impressive look to the complete structure of your home or work place. Good knowledge and useful tips will make you more comfortable while going for marble flooring. So just read on.
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entrance lobby flooring Advantages of Kota Stone Flooring
Advantages of Kota Stone Flooring
By: Priti Arora - On 10/15/2011 - 30309 View(s) - 14 Comment(s)
Kota stone flooring is a subtle blend of grandeur and luxury giving the interior and exterior a gorgeous look.......
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What are various types of wooden flooring?
By: Amit Hasija - On 3/31/2012 - 3541 View(s) - 3 Comment(s)
Two types of Wooden flooring:1. Wooden Boards flooring, 2. Wooden Block flooring
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Which are various types of vinyl flooring?
By: Gunjan Utraja - On 4/17/2009 - 2968 View(s) - 1 Comment(s)
Two types of vinyl flooring such as inlaid and printed............
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