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intricate jali work Brick Work
Brick Work
By: Priti Arora - On 6/24/2009 - 9403 View(s) - 3 Comment(s)
Brick work is an important part of construction work done with the help of bricks and cement mortar. It is done with different quality of bricks with different ratios of cement mortar according to the requirement.
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intricate jali work Checklist for Painting Work
Checklist for Painting Work
By: Priti Arora - On 6/12/2009 - 1372 View(s) -  Comment(s)
Before you start paint work, make sure that the surface is clean of dust, grease and other foreign matter. Decide on superior quality and adequate quantity of paint and mix contents of paint properly to get consistency in paint work. This write up tells some useful tips to get consistency in paint work.
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intricate jali work Surface Preparation and Painting Tips
Surface Preparation and Painting Tips
By: Priti Arora - On 4/24/2009 - 2626 View(s) -  Comment(s)
Paint is any liquid, liquefiable or mastic composition which after application to a substrate in a thin layer is converted to solid form.paint is used to protect ,decorate or add functionality to an object.
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intricate jali work Preliminary Works during Ground Work
Preliminary Works during Ground Work
By: Priti Arora - On 6/12/2009 - 2185 View(s) - 1 Comment(s)
Entire area should be cleared of all roots, bushes, vegetation etc. for a smooth construction works.
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Common Mistakes in Electrical Work
By: Priti Arora - On 1/28/2010 - 57 View(s) -  Comment(s)
Electrical mistakes are common in each and every house that may be dangerous for residents. When you are designing your dream home it may be that you are not aware about the electrical mistakes and its effects. Here are discussed some common electrical problems that can be harmful for residents.
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intricate jali work Guidelines for Plumbing/Sewerage Pipe Works
Guidelines for Plumbing/Sewerage Pipe Works
By: Priti Arora - On 6/12/2009 - 2854 View(s) - 1 Comment(s)
A clean and germ free home is where you live fresh and healthy for long. For a healthy and germ free environment in home we need good knowledge or expert plumber who can set pipe work in a way that it helps in a good way but knowing these tips will help you make sure that the work is being done properly.
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Analysis & Rates
By: Priti Arora - On 11/16/2009 - 2350 View(s) - 10 Comment(s)
The capacity of doing work by an artisan or skilled labour in the form of quantity of work per day is known as the task work or out turn of the labour. The out-turn of work per artisan varies to some extent according to the nature, size, height, situation, location, etc. In well organized work less labour is required. The following may be taken as the approximate quantity of work or out turn or task for an average artisan per day.
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intricate jali work Specification of `Bricks Walls`
Specification of 'Bricks Walls'
By: Priti Arora - On 4/28/2009 - 13042 View(s) - 3 Comment(s)
Strong brick walls are a symbol of strong building. Whole construction process somewhere depends on it. So here is a brief detail of what you need to keep in mind while brick wall construction is going on.
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intricate jali work Designing a Foundation
Designing a Foundation
By: Priti Arora - On 6/13/2009 - 14415 View(s) - 22 Comment(s)
Foundation is the part of structure below plinth level and needs special care while designing. Whole design of the foundation, super structure and characteristics of the ground should be studied to obtain economy in construction work.
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Different Processes in Foundation Work
Know how to go through 'Foundation Works' which must be done carefully for a good building.
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intricate jali work Purchasing Guidelines for Timber
Purchasing Guidelines for Timber
By: Amit Hasija - On 2/19/2009 - 11905 View(s) - 25 Comment(s)
Timber should be of first grade and be free from decay, fungal growth, boxed heart, pitch pocket or streaks on the split
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Depth of Roots during 'Ground Work'
Remove the roots upto 60 cm. below the ground properly.
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Tools for Ground Work
Latest tools make 'Ground Work' easy. So know their functioning for your work.
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Lighting types for the kitchen.
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Preliminary Works before Actual Planning
Some preliminary works should be done carefully before planning for a house.
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What is brick work ?
The work of construction done with the help of bricks and mortar is called brick work. This is done in different parts of building/structure is as under:
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What is the classification of brick work?
The classification of brick work according to the quality of brick work is as under :
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Which are common defects noticed in brick work?
Material like brick ,sand ,cement and water used were of sub standard quality and without performing any test.
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Which are the common defects of mortar in brick work?
Improper mixing. Excessive water content.
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What is English bond in brick work ?
English bond is considered to be strongest and consist of alternate courses of headers and stretcher .
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