House Plans
House Plans
Also I have 90,000 Kitchen design photos.
Kitchen design with wal...
[Product Description]
Master King YL-99 kitchen waterproof expert is designed for the home kitchen decoration . When used, stir brushing the surface of the substrate. Polymeric material integrated with the substrate to form a hydrophobic dendritic crystals, so as to achieve excellent waterproof effect, after curing formed a flexible, high adhesion strength waterproof coating.
[Product Performance]
Excellent flexibility, adaptability of primary deformation;
Strong bonding, can be in a humid environment construction;
Environmental non-toxic, non-polluting;
Has excellent weather resistance.
[Scope of products]
Concrete, brick, precast facade flat body, etc.;
Interior and exterior building walls, floors, such as: bridges, tunnels, basement, kitchen, balcony, bathroom, swimming pools, reservoirs, etc.;
Pre-cast body sealing seams, back strip interfaces, structural expansion joints, surrounding the nozzle, lightweight porous masonry;
Local reinforcement processing, such as nozzle around, corner and other parts.
Calculated in accordance with waterproof membrane thickness of 1.0mm, the dosage is about 1.5-2.0kg/m2, the actual amount depends on the actual situation and the desired of waterproofing layer thickness.
Plastic drum: 20kg
YL-99 Kitchen Waterproo...
Kitchen corner design
Kitchen corner design
Wall Cladding In Kitchen
Wall Cladding In Kitchen
Kitchen Countertop with...
modern kitchen cabinets in large space with glass door
modern kitchen cabinets...
Bedroom with cool lights...
Bedroom with cool light...
Full accessory kitchen
Full accessory kitchen
Kitchen Wall Pattern behind the cooktop
Kitchen Wall Pattern be...
Country Style Curtain in Kitchen
Country Style Curtain i...
kitchen"s Kallerians insect control pvc strip curtains are very popular for kitchen curtains to product the environment from insects.It is widely used in food industries to maintain GMP,ISI,FDA Standards and gives hygiene environment to the entire work place.Call for our technical expert -9841403938
Kitchen curtains,insect...
Modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen
Layout of Kitchen according to Vastu
Layout of Kitchen accor...
this kitchen has been made in a size of 7"x4" has all the basic baskets,storage lower n upper
smallest kitchen
Residential Interior  Graphic For Kitchen
Residential Interior G...
I have always been wondering whether a two tone cabinet design is a good idea or not. As the kitchen cabinets may not have continuity the two tone desing within a cabinet may not come out that well but if the colors are changed on the selected cabinets they may come out great, as you can see in the attached picture. What do you think?
Who said you can not mi...
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