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sitout step sopanam How to Install a Sink
How to Install a Sink
By: Amit Hasija - On 11/10/2011 - 3667 View(s) -  Comment(s)
Installation of kitchen sink requires just few tools,material and a beautiful sink according to your needs. Read the steps given in the article so that you can install or replace kitchen sink.
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sitout step sopanam How to Build Stair Steps
How to Build Stair Steps
By: Amit Hasija - On 12/9/2011 - 7575 View(s) -  Comment(s)
Stairs are an important part of our houses. At the time of constructing stairs you must consider the dimension, height, material, design and layout of the stairs. GharExpert brings some tips or things that you must consider while contructing stairs.
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What are the important steps of maintenance after installation of blended marble vinyl flooring?
By: Gunjan Utraja - On 4/17/2009 - 2217 View(s) -  Comment(s)
Important steps of maintenance after installation of blended marble vinyl flooring.........
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Fire Extinguisher
By: Amit Hasija - On 4/4/2012 - 1447 View(s) -  Comment(s)
Fire Extinguisher help avoid accidental fire in the kitchens or homes. It extinguishes not only the fire but saves our invaluable lives also.
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What steps are recommended for painting an existing building?
By: Priti Arora - On 7/24/2009 - 1776 View(s) -  Comment(s)
It may be necessary to prepare your walls painting if they are worse and solid to remove the natural household layers those can be, especially in the kitchens and the rooms adjoining the kitchen . Remove dust, stains and grease by using a household detergent and warm water. Rinse well.
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sitout step sopanam Wall painting design
Wall painting design
By: Amit Hasija - On 5/10/2010 - 216742 View(s) - 33 Comment(s)
There are various types of wall paint design available in the market which you can incorporate in your home to give it a complete makeover.
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sitout step sopanam Roof Flashing
Roof Flashing
By: Priti Arora - On 9/29/2010 - 11264 View(s) -  Comment(s)
Is the ceiling of your house leaking? Apply roof flashing technique to prevent water leakage from the roof. Roof flashing is a metal sheet installed at roof valleys/ gutter, chimneys, skylights, ridges, roof-wall intersections to prevent water leaks. Let us know more about roof flashing locations, roof leaks testing, roof flashing materials, and roof flashing types etc.
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