House Plans
House Plans
Galaxy Ceiling is not just a ceiling decoration. It is an experience, one that you can share with your loved ones. It is safe and contains no radioactive or toxic materials providing amazing effect that you can have in your home for a very reasonable price. 
We will install permanent stars on any ceiling you choose. classic painting of the night time sky, with hundreds of stars, including constellations, the Milky Way Galaxy, and even shooting stars.
The painting is invisible during the, it won"t interfere with any decorating scheme. At night, or when the lights are turned off.... the results are astonishing. It appears that the ceiling has been removed, and what you see above you is the most incredible, starry sky imaginable.
Modern Starry Night Cei...
Description: Star Ceiling Light- It’s a new concept to create a galaxy of stars effect with twinkling and color changing stars in the ceiling. Ceiling and walls come alive with star points, recreating a starry night sky. A galaxy of stars is created with fiber optic fiber. Optional twinkling effect is created by adding a twinkle wheel or color wheel. Galaxy Ceilings, a night sky from Fiber Optic Lighting,varying the amount each fiber extends out of the panel or ceiling, will vary the width and brightness of "star points" creating a truly representative clear night sky.                                         For details-Call-9820869565
Fiber Optical Starry Ce...
Galaxy Ceiling with stars
Galaxy Ceiling with stars
Led starry ceiling
Led starry ceiling
Star Ceiling is very popular in India now. It is made by plastic fiber cables’ which contains lights only from the light box with changing colors your choice. It has a very long life product and it is used in bed rooms, children rooms, drawing rooms, dinner rooms, pooja rooms, bar, restaurants, hotels, office and anywhere you desire.
•        Spa Therapy Room
•        Dining Rooms
•        Bedrooms
•        Children’s Bed
•        Entryways
•        Living Rooms
•        Entertainment Rooms
•        Home Theaters
•        Play room
•        Den
•        Party Room
•        Outdoor Patio
•        Florida Room
•        Gazebo
•        Visual Merchandising
•        Exhibit projects.
Contact :MAHESH RAO-Mobile : 9820869565.
Starry Ceiling Design
Bedroom Ceiling Like a Star Sky Over..
Bedroom Ceiling Like a ...
Take Pleasure in Jacuzzi and the Ceiling Like a Star Sky over
Take Pleasure in Jacuzz...
Diamond Star Complex was single now is joined by 4 more. You can check out my latest video "Before n After" on youtube.
Diamond Star Complex
The Star Enclave formed with the help 6 diamonds. Check it out on Google Sketchup.
The Star Enclave
interior of a large bathroom with a Sever star decor
interior of a large bat...
blinking star
star war
Star Place lights
Star Place lights
Bed Room Hilton Hotel Kampala Uganda
Helton Suite for a fiv...
The corners of the bath tub in bathroom is decorated with carved capital on the columns
False concrete columns ...
designer Star
designer Star
Use of colorful lanterns and colorful paper stars on ganesh chaturthi
Use of colorful lantern...
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