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what color fit in bakeshopPaint Colors
Paint Colors
By: Amit Hasija - On 3/28/2009 - 15049 View(s) - 3 Comment(s)
Colors make bright and tranquil surfaces.They protect, decorate surfaces and give a unique look to the decor of your home.
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what color fit in bakeshopAdd Color Accents to Your Living Room
Add Color Accents to Your Living Room
By: Priti Arora - On 4/30/2009 - 45517 View(s) - 19 Comment(s)
Is your living room really living! here you can indulge into your heart contents because this is the place where you spend hours with your loved ones and guests. So you should decorate your living room with deep understanding and enthusiasm.
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what color fit in bakeshopEarthing In Electrical Fitting
Earthing In Electrical Fitting
By: Priti Arora - On 5/19/2009 - 1571 View(s) - 2 Comment(s)
In electrical works, earthing or earthed means to connect electrical system to general mass of earth in such a manner as it ensures an immediate discharge of electrical energy without danger at all times.
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what color fit in bakeshopMake Your Bedroom WOW
Make Your Bedroom WOW
By: Priti Arora - On 6/10/2009 - 21926 View(s) - 12 Comment(s)
The choice of colors for bedroom paint changes the mood of night. A few notes of energetic wall and ceiling colors like green and cobalt blue make your bedroom looks fresh and relaxing.
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what color fit in bakeshopLiving Room Color Schemes
Living Room Color Schemes
By: Amit Hasija - On 11/12/2009 - 82793 View(s) - 22 Comment(s)
Paint Colors impart a beautiful effect in your every room if chosen perfectly. But sometimes the excessive use of bold paint colors on walls makes your living room disturbing and you can get irritated with the bold color hue. So it is better to choose paint colors by knowing their effects on your living environment and body.
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what color fit in bakeshopColorful Bathroom
Colorful Bathroom
By: Gunjan Utraja - On 4/13/2009 - 20098 View(s) - 2 Comment(s)
A soothing color in bathroom refreshes our body and mind and adds to the grace of bathroom. Stimulating bathroom color schemes like blue, orange turn your bath into rapture.
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what color fit in bakeshopVastu and Colors
Vastu and Colors
By: Priti Arora - On 4/1/2009 - 28503 View(s) - 16 Comment(s)
Properly used colors play an important role in life and can contribute to good mental and physical health. The right choice of color according to vastu helps us in enhancing the flow of energy in the house.
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what color fit in bakeshopElectrical Fitting and Cable Wiring
Electrical Fitting and Cable Wiring
By: Priti Arora - On 5/19/2009 - 2117 View(s) - 1 Comment(s)
We all need power to run electrical appliances and different gadgets in our home. For proper distribution of electricity we need to install and maintain the quality wiring by an expert electrician. Following tips will help you understand wiring installation process for your home or office.
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what color fit in bakeshopChoose Colors for Different Rooms
Choose Colors for Different Rooms
By: Priti Arora - On 4/24/2009 - 8087 View(s) - 1 Comment(s)
Colors are powerful tools and make the surface attractive .It has different meanings which influences our actions.
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what color fit in bakeshopSanitary Appliances And Their Specifications
Sanitary Appliances And Their Specifications
By: Priti Arora - On 5/9/2009 - 1926 View(s) - 1 Comment(s)
Sanitary appliances are fittings used for collection and discharge of soil or waste matter. These appliances may be grouped under soil appliances and waste water appliances. Soil appliances are used for collection and discharge of excreta matter including water closet, urinal etc.
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Which are recommended space parameters for electrical fitting?
The space parameters for electrical fitting--Switch Plate (Bottom,Tube light / Bracket light
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what color fit in bakeshopTips for Bedroom Ceiling Color
Tips for Bedroom Ceiling Color
By: Gunjan Utraja - On 5/23/2009 - 36677 View(s) - 6 Comment(s)
A bedroom ceiling has pleasant effects. It can be soothing when you lie down and see it at the end of the day and can also fill you with positive energy when you wake up and see it in the morning.
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Colors to provide a magical outlook to your Bedroom.
Choose a shade that will be gentle and relaxing at night
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Which type of color scheme is recommended for bedroom according to Vastu Shastra?
The colors of the walls should be light rosy,gray, blue or chocolate, or green.
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Which type of color scheme is recommended for Pooja Room according to Vastu?
The color of walls in the pooja room should be White
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Which type of color scheme is recommended in children's room according to Vaastu?
The children’s room should always have a cheery and playful feel.
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Shower curtains for the bathroom.
Bathroom shower curtains are perfect functional bathroom accessories that can change the look of your bath decor.
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Tips for choosing paint colors for the living room.
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Various Colors of Cement
Colors of cement may vary.
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Which type of color scheme is recommended for the kitchen according to Vastu?
The color of the floor and the walls of the kitchen should be yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red.
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