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  alagu chendur muruganUpdated on 4/26/2011  
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I have a 1200 sq feet plot in G.Noida. I want to construct a 3 BHK house with tw

For the first question on possibility of constructing  two bedroom and one bedroom house, the answer is "Yes". If you are looking for more functional space then suggest  you to increase your requirements like creating a green space, a warm/ cold atmosphere within an environment rather than just restricting yourself to number of bedrooms.   .

I have to design my bedroom , its length is 16/12 and i have roung bed in that n

Can you send me a sketch showing the locations of windows, balcony doors, entrance door and bathroom door. As of now, there are these windows and doors you haven't given the space between them. if you want suggestions then suggest you to prepare a hand drawn sketch, provide dimensions and if possible couple of pictures of your bedroom and send it to Murugan, Bangalore.

the construction of the house is east facing ,and wider in front side and narrow

A land tilt of 20 degrees, off square by 20 degrees, is acceptable. If the plot is rectangular, it is better that the longer sides run north to south rather than west to east. The best properties are either square or rectangular. If the plot is not a perfect rectangle, it is best if at least the southwest and southeast sides of the land are at 90º angles from one another. The southwest side of the.

how much is the cost of wood work persquare feet if inside is alaminate and outside is veeneer (costing 100 rs per sq. ft)

a commerical ply would cost you appx.Rs 55 in bangalore, a quality laminate around 65 and an arctificial veneer between 60 to 80 (natural veneer would cost you little more but the finish will be really nice) and the polishing for veneer is the same as veneer cost. so anything between Rs 600 to 900 is good. Murugan, architect.
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  24 February, 2020
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