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  paramarshUpdated on 12/10/2018  
In the last 10 years my husband and I have moved in over 11 rentals across the US for work. Until a negative home affected our lives deeply I was not much of a Vastu believer. Since then I have been reading a lot, consulting with experts and have helped friends and acquaintances with whatever I have learned. May others not have to go through the rough waters my family waded.

Even so we try to resolve problems with elemental fixes, rather than statues and yantras. My business is in the food industry but I love everything related to homes, interiors and vastu. And both my husband and I are very passionate about environmental issues, carbon footprint and global warming.

Stay square and free of dosha ;)

Current profession: Gender: Female
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East-center Master bedroom - any reasons to worry?

This is a rental property to structural changes cannot be made.Of the three bedrooms in the diagram below, we decided to sleep in the East-Center. As you will see, the SE has a slight cut-off, and I as the main female in the house suffered a lot healthwise with a previous SE bedroom with dosha. We sleep with our head in the South direction, although the bed is laid out with head in North (The room.

Vastu - covered, unused well in south east corner of plot

Turns out, I could not edit the title of the post. Hence reposting.Hello, we just moved into a new rental, with mostly good vaastu. The home is Vidhisha by about 25 degrees but everything is almost ideal. However, we realized on the day we moved in (that is when the landlady informed us) that the concrete square in the SE corner of the plot/lawn was a covered boring/well. There is an 8" pi.


Hi mama,as far as I know, the best direction for horse paintings and sculptures are on the North Wall of the North West portion of the house. It is supposed to augment the Vayavya and bring in wealth. The horses should be trotting and white.Hope this helps..

Hello, we just moved into a new rental, with really good vaastu. The home is Vid

Hello, we just moved into a new rental, with really good vaastu. The home is Vidhisha by 25 degrees but everything is almost ideal. The plot is North facing, with the road on the NE (because of the Vidisha angle). The gate is on the NNE corner and the maindoor of the house is NNW. The bathrooms are south center (master) and southeast(powder room : just sink and toilet) and the kitchen is in the so.
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  27 November, 2020
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