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  MarkUpdated on 4/14/2011  
Sole proprietorship located in Baltimore, Maryland. I am a skilled draftsman and can advise you about the kind of drawings,permits and construction documents you may need for your landscape project. Any landscape project should be layed out on a drawing but larger projects in particular,that may be contracted out,should have drawings and specifications for cost and quantity estimates and for competitive bids. A drawing and specifications will become part of any contract made with a contractor and enhances the clients protection. I take a balanced and practical approach to landscape design. I try to design for simplicity,ruggedness and versatility,low cost and ease of maintenance and for sustainability. Sustainability is not a political statement here. I use sustainable design ideas to give greater value to my clients. Landscape design is a synopsis of elements from civil engineering,horticulture and architecture and I try to take this balanced approach.
Current profession: Gender: Female
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I want to knoe the facing of my House curently built. Its on the mail road..when

If you are at the equator the sun rises and sets at the same azimuth daily.  As you move the further from the equator the sun azimuth (horizontal angle) will change,becoming greater in summer and less in winter. The vertical angle will be less in winter and greater in summer.In the northern hemisphere,the sun rises in the southeast and sets in the southwest in winter. In summer,the sun rises in th.
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  15 October, 2019
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  1. College/University - State of Maryland in Year 1983 Attended For Drafting
  2. College/University - Thompson Learning Systems in Year 1992 Attended For Civil Engineering Technology
  3. College/University - Thompson Learning Systems in Year 2000 Attended For Computer Aided Drafting
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