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  Amogh DesaiUpdated on 11/14/2011  
I am a SysAdmin, hail from a small Vilage In Goa and own a 30 year old House. I live in Pune and wish to renovate the house back in Goa.
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Condensation or mist on the Kota flooring

Hi,I installed Kota flooring an year back in the kitchen and another room.  There has been a lot of mist or condensation which comes on the flooring in rains.  The humidity in Goa is quite high.  IT usually happens when the rain stops and the sun starts showing up.  Is there any way I can stop this??  Im planning to do the flooring for rest of the house in next moth.  are there any precautions I s.

Different types of ceilings.

Hi,Have a 25 year old house in Goa, custructed using laterite stone.  It doesnt have an architectural design and was expanded as and when needed over the period of 25 years.  Just after the main entrance ther is a hall of 20 x  13 ft, this Hall is exactly in the middle of the house and its walls are elevated to a hight for future improvements to add another floor.  the walls are around 22 ft high .

Can the "Gypsum Stucco Plaster" be used directly on an unplastered wall??

HiI have a 25 year old house constricted using Laterite Stone.  These are the kind of bricks used in goa and surrounding south indian states for cunstruction.  Can use Gypsum Stucco Plaster directly on this cunstruction without plastering the wall.???I have attached a picture of how the wall is cunstructed (I mean it is uneven).
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  27 November, 2020
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