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Living Room LCD unit, Furniture, Oak Flooring
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  hollayinkah - Interior DecoratorUpdated on 8/8/2012  
am hollayinkah niyi alimi from nigeria, i work as an interior designer, and love to meet experts to share ideas. thanks all
Current profession: Interior DecoratorGender: Male
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hollayinkah Interior Decorator 

Ceiling of the main lounge

Ceiling of the main lounge
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hollayinkah Interior Decorator 

the master bedroom design by rayfun global design

the master bedroom design by rayfun global design
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hollayinkah Interior Decorator 

general lounge

general lounge
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hollayinkah Interior Decorator 

hospitality design

hospitality design
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hi,i want to know what the best design will be on my 3 bed flat with a living room and kitchen, i want to convert it to office space and i will like any proffesional to pls explain and send me a 3D sample of office space of these kind they have design into my mail (rayfunglobaldesign@gmail.com)thanks all and God bless..
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  19 September, 2019
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