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  sanjay dwivediUpdated on 5/18/2014  

Our privileged customers of over 25 years from all over the world  have the convenience of ordering online for the decorative needs of their home, commercial, industrial and corporate office environments. At Streisand’s we offer all kinds of art – whether it be for an office environment or for your living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms – and that too at amazingly affordable prices.

About us – “Selling Art for a cause”
Streisand International prides itself in providing thousands of hand made oil paintings on canvas by over 500 artists, associated with our studios from all across the globe. We provide affordable art in styles ranging from classical to contemporary, realistic, impressionistic, and abstract. Wonderful selections of Indian, Western, Mid-Eastern, Oriental and African themes and more, in all styles, are available at Streisand’s. You will be pleasingly astounded by our fantastic array of oil paintings, starting as low as US $8 only! Moreover, the variety of art at Streisand's will easily compliment any upholstery or furniture in your home or office, however intricate or diverse it might be.

Getting involved
Are you an Interior design or architecture  professional, a corporate, an institution, a retail showroom, or an entertainment setup? If so, Streisand International welcomes an alliance with you. Your company or business can buy our products and our art consultants will guide you to make excellent choices suited to your country or locality at no extra charge. You may also purchase our products wholesale for resale at your showroom.

Why choose us
Streisand International offers very attractive rates for our international quality products and professional customer service to enhance your business. Other than Streisand's, no other art company can offer you such a large variety of beautiful oil paintings for such low prices. Our artists paint each painting by hand. There is no "mechanical process" or "reproduction method" involved in creating the paintings; each is truly a hand-painted piece of art - one artist working alone. No machines or canvas-transfer techniques are used. Our professional artists start with a blank canvas and they hand-paint the painting from start to finish using only the best oil paints on the finest Belgian linen canvas.

While prices for art have rocketed sky high, at 10% increase per year on average, Streisand International remains committed to bringing you the highest quality oil paintings at the best possible prices.

Something for everyone
Our art studios around the globe, design and create every type of theme and style you could dream of for your home or office and we do so to suit every individuals’ taste, whether you are an American, European, Indian or Chinese. If it is something unique and classy you are looking for, we have it. If it is something simple you want, Streisand's has it as well.

Canvas Sizes
The majority of our art is painted on canvas in classic European sizes. They are as follows:

8x10 inches (20x25cm)

30x30 inches (75x75cm)

12x12 inches (30x30cm)

30x40 inches (75x100cm)

12x16 inches (30x40cm)

24x48 inches (60x120cm)

20x24 inches (50x60cm)

36x48 inches (90x120cm)

24x36 (60x90cm)

48x72 inches (120x180cm)

Maintaining Your Paintings
An original oil painting is very easy to maintain and has a wonderfully long life. The reality and beauty of maintaining an oil painting is that all you have to do is dust it with a dry cloth or fine dust brush every few months, and nothing else.

We advise against framing oil paintings behind glass since an oil painting has the longest life when it is exposed to the air. The linen canvas is water resistant since it is covered with oil paints and breathes in such a case, rather than collect moisture as pictures ultimately do when framed behind glass.

About Streisand-Art and its Ultimate Goal
As of October 20, 2010, The Streisand Foundation took one more step towards manifesting its goal with the inauguration of The Streisand Foundation Community College where FREE hands-on training is provided by highly qualified volunteer teachers with a proven history of success in their respective fields, with focus in the areas of retail/sales, guest care (hospitality and office), service driving, plus art and design. Along with practical vocational instruction, youth receive thorough guidance pertaining to living skills development, with a focus on hygiene and nutrition, community values, social skills, etiquette, self-esteem, motivation and cultural diversity; with emphasis on indispensable fundamentals like spoken English and basic computer/ telecommunications technology. Lunch, tea and coffee are provided daily.

The Streisand Foundation’s ultimate goal is to enable and through the youth in the underprivileged families, stop the process of children being sent to the streets at its root, enabling the active family members a trade and standard to stand out in society from a reversible fate.

The Streisand Foundation highly experienced and dedicated professionals identify 18-25 years old youth from the slum communities and train them in various trades in The Streisand Foundation Community College campus on an immersion 3-month program. Upon completion, students are placed in reputable companies (customers of The Streisand Art Gallery and those inspired by Mr. Streisand’s years of selfless contribution to the upliftment in India society) at a minimum monthly wage of Rs. 6000/- to become economically self supportive. The morale and psychological boost gained by one single youth in just three extremely intensive and thorough months of training, has shown that its effect rapidly expands and spreads across family and community. This program builds role models and gives hope to all neighboring children.

For more information as to how you can take part as a sponsor, volunteer teacher, recommend youth, to name a few of the opportunities to Enable 50 families every and within 3 month to raise above the poverty line, please contact:

The Streisand Foundation

The Streisand Foundation
 (080) 25203535 65373101

To Sponsor: 

1 batch (50 students @ Rs 7,000/-):

Rs. 3,50,000/-


10 students:

Rs. 70,000/-


1 student:

Rs. 7,000/-


1 day meals for entire class:

Rs. 2,500/-


Current profession: Gender: Female
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oil on canvas love birds

oil on canvas love birds
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sanjay dwivedi  bangalore

oil on canvas buddhism

oil on canvas buddhism
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abstract for office or malls

abstract for office or malls
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van gogh

van gogh
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oil on canvas The last supper

oil on canvas The last supper
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sanjay dwivedi  bangalore


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What should hang on my wall?

The short answer would be - ANYTHING that INSPIRES the residents and users of the spaces. If Vaastu and Feng Shui are design considerations, then it becomes slightly easier to home in and hone the choices available. Colour therapy is proven and works well as do Mirrors and paintings. Other items for west walls are electronic photo frames with the family's photos running in a loop. About us - Since.

as per vaastu shatra, in which wall a ship's poster cann be hanged

For wealth carrying Galleons and Ships, ideally the front of the ship should point INTO the home namely the back of the ship would be to the front door (main entrance used )..

Anyone knows where to buy the decorative hanging on the above bed (hanged to the

Please take care with the false ceiling. Vaastu recommends that no sharp edges face down on the sleeper and their head should ideally point in the south direction. No mirror or Tv or shiny objects will aid a peaceful sleep, as will soft furnishings and paintings of relaxing scenes and of couples..

how do we know there is problem in our vastu. Can we hang vastudoshnivaran yantr

Using a Yantra is useful but after getting it suitably blessed with a puja with your family preist or elder first. Many clients use it in the middle of the premises (Bramha Sthana). More technical solutions like Mu metal and Pyramid vaastu also abound (just google it).Hope that helps.  Since 1994, Streisands have supported Architects and Interior designers solve the delicate problem of furnishing.
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  24 June, 2018
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