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  Unoara Design Hub - ArchitectUpdated on 9/18/2014  
Current profession: ArchitectGender: Male
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What does a client expect from an Architect / Design Agency ?

Is it important for everyone in the industry to understand that we are in a nobel profession of creating habitable building for people and it's of utmost importance that an Architect or a Designer understands the people they are serving. With this in mind, this is an open questions for all, clients, Architects, Designers, experts, others :1) What does a client expect from an Architect in terms of .

Cost reduction

In construction, the major expense comes from the materials which are used the maximum and in most modern construction, Concrete, Steel & Glass are main contributors to that.You should consult an Architect and a structural designer to design or suggest the structure of your house, so that you do not spend on more than it is required, because most house owners, think that by putting in more steel t.

Does the plans purchased are by licensed architect or not

Mr. Bowen,There are two parts to the response to your query.First is that you need a design for your house/property, which can be bought from a site like this or be designed by one of the Architects that you may hire. This does not need any license number, just that the design should work for your site/location.The second is when you need to start the construction, you need to submit this plan to .

i already have underground water tank in south direction now is there any remedy

Dear Nishant,Though Vastu is essential, it depends more on your site conditions and the micro climate around your property. If the site slopes towards the South, then irrespective of where to how down, the lowest point would turn out to be the South, so please understand that it is essential to know if the location is causing any problems and if yes then try to pinpoint scientifically rather than .

Plan and estimation

6.5 to 9 lakhs, purely because you are planning for a G+1. A budget of 15 Lakhs to move in should be decent and safe.It would help if you mention the city that you have this property, as rules and planning guidelines differ along with martial costs.As far as your house plan goes, hiring an Architect is your best bet, as they would help save you money by advising the right martial and efficient des.

Topic: New ConstructionHi,I had selected a corner plot of 35X50 = 194 sq yrds.

You have not mentioned where is this property? Plot area (35x50) = 1750 SqftGF 900Sqft + FF 1100 = Built Up Area = 2000 Sqft You may need to check permissible FSI or FAR, whatever is used in your region to see if you can build more or need to cut down the Built Up Area(BUA), so that you get value for your investment.Architectural Const cost now is between 900-1200 Sqft depending on finish, so if y.
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  28 January, 2022
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