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  Anuj Aggarwal - EngineerUpdated on 7/30/2015  
Chemical Engineer and Computer Engineer with experience in home construction materials.
Current profession: EngineerGender: Male
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Wood for outdoor furniture

As mentioned by Jaiprakash, the best outdoor wood is Teak and then Eucalyptus. One needs wood that is Oily and is dimensionally stable and crack resistant to the outdoor sun, rain and cold weather. Teak is generally used in western countries for boat construction.One needs to also do outdoor topcoat if you are staining (polishing) of the wood. Exterior grade Varnish is the best with about 2-3 coat.


As you are aware, the concealed WC consists of the concealed water tank (Unexposed part), Actuator (exposed part that has flush controls) and the actual water closet.You have to make sure their is adequate provision for maintenance of the plastic water tank and the associated plumbing in the event of a problem. The concealed water cistern is installed during the pre-finishing process and hence it .
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  28 October, 2021
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Address: 1 Wexford Drive
City: Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
Zip: 08852
Country: United States
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  1. College/University - Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi in Year 1987 Attended For BTech
  2. College/University - Michigan Technological University in Year 1994 Attended For Masters
  3. College/University - Purdue University in Year 1999 Attended For Masters
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