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  Richa Shangvi Interior decorator - Interior DecoratorUpdated on 7/28/2010  
I am Interior decorator with the experience of 8 years. Now working as a independent interior decorator. 
Current profession: Interior DecoratorGender: Female
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Richa Shangvi Interior Decorator 

elegant style of Ceiling in living room

elegant style of Ceiling in living room
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Richa Shangvi Interior Decorator 

Small space living room

Small space living room
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Richa Shangvi Interior Decorator 

Too good interior for living room

Too good interior for living room
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Richa Shangvi Interior Decorator 

Ultimate style of vanity in Bathroom

Ultimate style of vanity in Bathroom
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Richa Shangvi Interior Decorator 

Ultra stylish lighting in living room

Ultra stylish lighting  in living room
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Richa Shangvi Interior Decorator 

Bedroom vanity style

Bedroom vanity style
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Richa Shangvi Interior Decorator 

bed with style

bed with style
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lets know the cost of brass doors apart from saying that they r expensive.....hw

Actually dimensions always matter. Latest rates for brass doors ranges between Rs.4200 - 4500   per square feet. The depth of carving and size is the important factors in the total price calculation. If you need it, contact gharexpert for the variety of designs and delivery at your place. .

could you send me some more good designs not satisfied with this type of pop cei

I have searched the internet for ceiling designs but very few of the websites have a collection of pop ceiling design for Indian homes. GharExpert is also the one of them. click in the link given below for the .
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  3 April, 2020
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