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Modern look
Light yellowish paint scheme with floral patterns in kids room with well furnished furniture
Stylish kid room with a lot of storage options
Living Room
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  arrup sarkar - Interior DecoratorUpdated on 11/27/2012  
I Arrup ratan is a creative director.As an interrior designer I am associate with AR Grouk.
Current profession: Interior DecoratorGender: 
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At first you have to see where is the pillar in your bed room. what is the other

At first you have to see where is the pillar in your bed room. what is the other colour sarounded by. Either you can use a contrast colour or textured wall paper to highlight or you can use lot of decoretive art meterials to decorate this.For example you can use glass rack to display those decorative items.You can use lighting in a very interesting way to highlight those decoretive items..
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  2 October, 2023
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