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REEDO Glass Shower Enclosure
Reedo™ Shower Enclosures is the leading product in Premium and Luxury bathroom installations. From our unique design, manufacturing, and installation processes, we are at par to help the customer wha..

Epoxy Flooring
Strongly entrenched with proven domain knowledge, experience and credentials, VIRSA CORPORATION is the leading service provider for the Industrial Concrete Floorings in India. We undertake the specia..

Kids Room Wall Painting Mumbai
We undertake all types of cartoon painting for play school rooms , kindergarten school rooms, Nursery Schools etc& creates a new atmosphere for kids every day as it gives them a fresh feeling in ..

Fiber optic galaxy starry night ceiling Mumbai
We undertake "Galaxy Ceiling By Fiber Optical" developed through Opitcal Cables. What’s better than watching a great movie in your own home theater? How about watching it “underneath the stars” ? D..

centring mat
mats for Molding: Now a days people are using mats on top of metal sheets. With this we have two advantages. While pouring cement mixture, cement mix will not go waste because of gaps in between shee..

Insulating Mats for Electrical Purposes
Safety Switchboard Matting for Safety against Electric Shock.

Tritherm-Rcc Chimney,smoke stack demolition work without Explosive,controlled blasting only 5 min
Tritherm done 162 year old sugar factory chimney demolition & dismantling (demolisher,dismantler) services contractors/agency/company/applicator work without blasting,explosive methods,controlled bla..

Tritherm Rcc concrete slab cutting Area support by Mild steel ISMB 250 beam frame fabricators work
Tritherm done rcc concrete slab diamond saw cutting work with rcc concrete cutting area support by using mild steel ISMB 250 Beam,ISMC CHANNEL fabrication/fabricators contractors/agency/co. services ..

Tritherm Chemical Rebar/lokset fixing/grouting contractors/agency in chennai india
Tritherm done concrete chemical rebar fixing/grouting work,Fischer fixing system/fixing anchoring system,anchor bolt fastener suppliers/supplying & fixing/grouting works contractors/agency/applicator..

Tritherm-Rcc concrete demolishing by Hitachi PH 65 Breaker/demolition machine
Tritherm done rcc concrete demolishing work using Hitachi PH 65 Breaker/demolition hammer machine,also we undertaking rcc concrete breaking services contractors/agency/applicator/co. work using hitac..

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Modular Kitchen

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