Hare Krishna!!!
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Hare Krishna!!!
Hare Krishna!!!
Hari Bol, A Lord Krishna devotee presents a channel with a blend of spirituality and interior. So get ready to enjoy this

By Achyut
Hari Bol, I am Achuyut,a Lord Krishna devotee and in service of Almighty. Here for some tips on Home Interior
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Protect your home in rain
Protect your home in rain
Posted on : Wednesday, June 18,2008
Hari Bol, The monsoon is here, so are worries. Everybody is thinking about home safety from rain. Don’t worry and read this post and enjoy yourself in rain.
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Cook with Love, Serve with Purity
Cook with Love, Serve with Purity
Posted on : Wednesday, June 11,2008
In this post, I choose Kitchen as the topic. Kitchen is a place where homemaker prepares food for family. In Hindu mythology preparing food also considered as part of worship of God.
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Doors - The Lakshman Rekha
Doors - The Lakshman Rekha
Posted on : Friday, June 6,2008
HariBol, The topic of this post is already mentioned in the title as “Doors”.And there is my own logic of connecting Doors with Lakshman Rekha. Yes and read more to know the connection between two.
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My Golden (Temple) Memories...
My Golden (Temple) Memories...
Posted on : Wednesday, May 28,2008
HariBol, This post is dedicated to landmark of devotion and patriotism – Amritsar’s Golden Temple. The city (Amritsar) has most famous landmarks like:-Golden Temple, Jaliyawala Bagh etc.I am going to share some fact I know about bout Golden Temple.
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Atithi Devo Bhava
Atithi Devo Bhava
Posted on : Wednesday, May 21,2008
Guests are always respected in India. They are treated as God. In this post I am going to write about guest room in your home and some tips for maintaining or having a perfect guest room.
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Swinging Sensation
Swinging Sensation
Posted on : Wednesday, May 14,2008
This is my 1st post and this is about "Jhoolas" (Swings). I will try to relate all my posts to spirtuality and Interior like here.
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Ancient Architectures
Ancient Architectures
Posted on : Wednesday, May 14,2008
HariBol, In this post I am going to memorize the constructions held by legendary Lords and Ladies. Like Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Durga Maa. They are not known as architects but for some reason or just to live they construct some historical heritage.
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Tall, Strong, Handsome – Pillars
Tall, Strong, Handsome – Pillars
Posted on : Wednesday, May 7,2008
Pillars not only gives strength to constructed structure but good use of Plaster of Paris or Marble Stone used in pillar provide a elegant looks to your home.
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