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I love reading, writing, travelling and interior decorating. Drop by my profile and leave a note; cheers
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kitchen design; Smart, usable or beautiful, take your pick
kitchen design; Smart, usable or beautiful, take your pick
Posted on : Saturday, April 2,2011
So what would you choose when you have to go for a kitchen design. Should it be smart, usable or should it be beautiful? Don't say all!
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Interior Decoration Pictures
Interior Decoration Pictures
Posted on : Wednesday, September 29,2010
View an online collection of interior decoration pictures and ideas for decorating your home. Decorating Pictures give an excellent starting point for your home decor. Find pictures of Kitchen, Living room, Drawing room, Lobby etc.
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Interior Decoration Theme Green
Interior Decoration Theme Green
Posted on : Thursday, November 5,2009
Respect, love, conserve, preserve and learn from the mother nature. And one of the most prominent theme with the nature is Green.
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Clean, serene, hygienic!
Clean, serene, hygienic!
Posted on : Thursday, November 5,2009
In a highly design oriented interior decoration process there are a couple of other parameters that should be on your watch list right from the word go when you take up your interior decoration project.
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Low cost interior decoration.
Low cost interior decoration.
Posted on : Monday, April 13,2009
Yes, we all have this strange craving of looking hip and being stylish but do we need to spend a fortune to be able to do that. I don't think so.
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Dare to go red, a bold interior decoration idea
Dare to go red, a bold interior decoration idea
Posted on : Monday, April 13,2009
According to human psychology red is associated with energy and and emotions including passion and love. It is also associated with lust and beauty as well and red rose is biggest symbol of love.
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Bathroom design, one mistake I still rue
Posted on : Monday, April 13,2009
Its a funny how one decision forces you to change the whole interior decoration scheme of a place. When we were designing the bathroom of our office our one choice that sounded insignificant at that time, forced us to change the design scheme of the whole place :)
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Kitchen lighting, tips and tricks
Kitchen lighting, tips and tricks
Posted on : Monday, April 13,2009
Lighting has a strong impact on the mood of a person and when it comes to kitchen lighting it becomes even more important as the food then impacts the mood of the whole family. So you should start planning the lights as soon as you complete your architectural design to get the best results.
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Sink and Enjoy
Sink and Enjoy
Posted on : Sunday, April 6,2008
This is the one of the finest luxury accessory available to us in the current time, you sink in it to sink all your worries and come out with a refreshing mood. It comes at a price but there is no other stress reliever better than this.
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God is in the detail!
Posted on : Sunday, March 30,2008
From the beautiful sun set to the rising wheat fields and from the flower petals to the mounting river stream, the God is in the details. Every beautiful thing around us has been crafted to perfection with endless thought put into the details.
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