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Low cost interiors; Low cost interior decoration ideas Low cost interior decoration.
  By:Gunjan Utraja - On Monday, April 13,2009  -  14803 View(s)  -  6 Comment(s)
Low cost interiors; Low cost interior decoration ideas 

Yes, we all have this strange craving of looking hip and being stylish but do we need to spend a fortune to be able to do that.  I don't think so.

A drastically different wall paints clubbed with the modern style sofa could just be the shot in arm for your living room.  In this post I would pick some of the lost cost approaches that can be implement to make your home hot.

Use the wall paint smartly: 

You are going to get that wall painted any way but if you choose the right colors for your wall they can dramatically change the look of the room and trust me choosing an alternate shade for one wall doesn't cost you any thing.

Here is another example of a single wall highlighted beautifully.

Use colorful wall papers:

Be an Artist

Every room could have one feature that attracts attention, you can make that attention grabbing object your self.  All you need is imagination.


Shining silk furnishing cushions can do wonder to your room. Try them ocassionally.

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6 Comment(s)
By Farah : On Monday, April 8,2013
Never would have thunk I would find this so inidsepnsable.
By monisha : On Monday, September 1,2008
i tried that in my drawing room and used masking tapes to give stripes with distemper looks great!!!
By arrup sarkar : On Wednesday, June 11,2008
fantastic rooms! but i want to know more about curtains and walls
By hari : On Tuesday, May 27,2008
i want to more views of living room and bedrooms.
By Rashmi : On Wednesday, May 14,2008
good pics...can we have some more like this. mainly of living room and bedrooms.
By rohini luthra : On Tuesday, April 22,2008
the ideas for great artists here are marvellous we can get some very good clues from this rest all is upto one's own imagination
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