A Perfect Change to Brighten Things up
All channels A Perfect Change to Brighten Things up Wooden Showcase: A perfect thing to....
A Perfect Change to Brighten Things up
A Perfect Change to Brighten Things up
Whether you have the task of decorating a small apartment or are just looking for new thoughts, you will find that these decorating ideas are easy and can be put into place in a short period of time. But, what is needed is few creative capabilities and up to date with new interior decoration magazines, web sites etc. Although I am not an Architect or any interior decorator but I too did the same and got success in decorating my home. In this channel, I would like to share my experiences I had; while remodeling my home. I had primarily focused on ceiling, painting and wooden work.

Mukul Bajaj
By Mukul Bajaj
Creativity is in my soul....
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Drawing room showcase; Wooden showcase design; Wooden show case for drawing room Wooden Showcase: A perfect thing to spruce up the look of your drawing room.
  By:Gunjan Utraja - On Monday, April 13,2009  -  115884 View(s)  -  16 Comment(s)
Drawing room showcase; Wooden showcase design; Wooden show case for drawing room 


Things to keep in mind…


A drawing room is the most visible part to everyone who enters your home. It gives the complete idea of the interior in home; therefore it is always better to go with attractive and good-looking furniture. Before finalizing your taste, bear in mind the existing décor of your room and also complement the flooring, the ceiling and color of the walls. If you are looking for pleasant and modern designs then you should be cautious about the day today trends in the market.


Another most important thing is the type of lighting arrangement. Lighting is one of the most overlooked home features from functional as well as design standpoint. It is also responsible for creating moods or reducing eyestrain. These are few important points that were under my consideration before putting my efforts in designing a new showcase for drawing room.



Yesss…Got an Idea


I got this idea of showcase with superb lighting and glass slabs from my friend’s home. Where I had seen a corner stand with lights focusing from top to bottom.





What I Looked for


Its overall structure is made up of Plane boards known as wooden boards. To give this complete structure an excellent look, I have decided to go with a marble wood ply, which is available in two different shades, Dark brown and light brown. But we have shown interest in dark brown shade due to its compatibility with the complete room. I got this sheet near about Rs 52 per sq ft i.e Rs 1800 per sheet (8*4). The boarders used here are made up of natural teak and Cornish are made up of saghwan.





Now it’s Time to Brighten Things up…


In order to brighten things up, I have used polish, which are available in three different qualities such as Laker, Melamine and Pecco. Laker is cheap and is used for normal furnishing. Melamine is good for wooden material and Pecco is the best for polishing of tiles, wooden gates etc and is the most expensive. We have used the finest quality wood in our showcase therefore we stick to pecco furnishing.





Lighting Everywhere...


As we all know, Lighting plays an important role in decorating any room and has the ability to create variety of different atmospheres, moods, and functions. Planning the lighting feature was especially taken into consideration while decorating my new drawing room and for this purpose we used conceal lights with proper color selection. I have deliberated this stair like arrangement to properly differentiate between each and every section of the showcase. The flat surface at the top of each step is prepared with fogged glasses for appropriate scattering of light to all areas. For proper visibility from outer side we have used panels that are made up of complete glass with very less hatching on it.





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10 Comment(s)
By rtyecript : On Wednesday, August 24,2011
I really liked the article, and the very cool blog
By mishta : On Monday, August 22,2011
I m looking for some more showcase designs........which r compact nd stylish
By b.arunaseshan : On Saturday, December 5,2009
very very nice
By Mukul Bajaj : On Thursday, May 14,2009
polishing is all about chemicals........
there are mainly three types as told above.....
better quality means better shine n for longer duration....
best is picco polish.....
a bit expensive but ever lasting....
can be repeated as shine stars falling......
n may b after 10 years....
By ramesh : On Friday, October 3,2008
great job
By kRISHNA : On Wednesday, May 28,2008
wud like to know more about false ceiling and designs & its products
By Pinky Mathur : On Tuesday, May 20,2008
Wowww....great deal of work man....
By Ar. Manoj Relan : On Saturday, May 10,2008
good job.....looking forward for more posts from your side
By nisha ahuja : On Friday, May 9,2008
Intresting Article...
By sonal agrawal : On Friday, May 9,2008
nice article..can u tell in detail abt the polishing materials...
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