Interior - The Soul of Your Home
All channels Interior - The Soul of Your Home Drawing Room Furniture in India
Interior - The Soul of Your Home
Interior - The Soul of Your Home
A solid structure of walls made from cement, concrete, bricks etc. make a construction not a perfect home till you add to the beauty of the home. A beautiful home is the place where you stay happily with your family. By using good paint, wood work and other decorative things you can make your home good-looking. That’s why I consider interior is the soul of your home and my post will express what mean to say...........

Saksham Wadhwa
By Saksham Wadhwa
Hi wanna know abt me My friends say m a caring person. i like get achivements
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Indian drawing rooms; Drawing room furniture India; Modular drawing room; drawing room furnishing Drawing Room Furniture in India
  By:Gunjan Utraja - On Monday, April 13,2009  -  77397 View(s)  -  3 Comment(s)
Indian drawing rooms; Drawing room furniture India; Modular drawing room; drawing room furnishing 

The furniture in the drawing room enhances the beauty of the room and reflects your style and taste. Drawing room furniture includes sofas, coffee table, center table, futon chairs, futon beds, ottomans and bean chairs.

The furniture in the drawing room depends on the size of the room. If you have, large size room than you can place sofa and other furniture in your drawing room but do not make clutter. If there is little space in drawing room, then place sofa with decorative pieces, which enhances the beauty of the drawing room.

When buying furniture for your drawing room, it should match with the color of the walls. Lighting is another main point in the living room which gives a new look of your drawing room furniture. Proper lighting gives a soothing feeling to the drawing room.

Luxury and modular drawing room furniture are best for elegant, formal and for stylish drawing rooms. The furniture is expensive but gives a great impression to your guests.

Modular drawing furniture not only has matching sofas, side tables and chairs but more functional and practical.


Luxury drawing room furniture is place in large or spacious drawing rooms that add elegance to the living space. You may also add beautiful vases, lamps or decorative candles. You can also add a large mirror that doubles the richness of your drawing room furniture.
You may place your television, stereo and other high-tech gadgets in decorative cabinets and mobile furniture with wheels.


You may also use three seater sofas, love seats, couches, sectional sofas and even modular corner sofas that are best for rooms. You may also use sofa beds that can be use by occasional guests and match your chairs.



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3 Comment(s)
By Pharmf771 : On Friday, September 18,2009
Very nice site!
By Naresh : On Tuesday, September 15,2009
I am the resident of Greater Noida & working for D.S.Constructions Ltd. as an Manager Administration.
By Gomsi Arora : On Monday, August 4,2008
Yesssss....Got an Idea
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