What are the raw materials recommended for glass windows?


The raw materials recommended for glass windows are following:

•  A. Window Frames

•  B. Window Glasses

•  C. Glass Window Finishing Materials

•  D. Windows Grills Designs

•  E. Windows Accessories

A. Window Frames:

There are five types of glass window frames.

•  Aluminum Frame

•  Vinyl Frame

•  Wood Frame

•  Clad Frame

•  Aluminum Clad Wood Frame

1)Aluminum Frame:

•  Durable

•  Economical

•  Low Maintenance

•  Selection of Colors

Because of its durability and low-cost, Aluminum windows remain very popular. The extended color and style selections achieve the look you always want at amazingly economical prices.

2)Vinyl Frame:

Vinyl is one of the best choices to achieve energy saving goals. They are warm to the touch, and easy to operate. The cleaning and maintenance of the frames are just a snap.

•  Energy Efficient

•  Low maintenance

•  Durable

•  Choices of designs

3. Wooden Frame:

There is nothing else to replace the warm look of natural wood. They are amazingly energy efficient, and the designs or color selections are endless.

•  Energy Efficient

•  Infinite Color Selection

•  Distinctive Look and Design


4) Clad Wood Frame:

The distinctive design of interior wood and the exterior "clad" give you protection from outside elements as well as an ease of maintenance.

•  Energy Efficient

•  Low Maintenance

•  Distinctive Look and Design

5. Aluminum Clad Wood Frame:

•  Strong and energy efficient.

•  Low-maintenance.

•  Do not require painting.

•  Like vinyl-clad, it offers an aluminum exterior for weather protection and exposed wood.

Bolts are generally used for security purposes.

B. Window Glasses:

There are nine types of Glasses used in windows:

•  Obscure Glass

•  Tinted Glass

•  Tempered Glass

•  Laminated Glass

•  Stained Glass

•  Reflective Glass

•  Low E Glass Window

•  Insulating glass

•  Colored glass

1) Obscure Glass:

This type of glass provides you privacy allowing abundant light to the room. This Glass has following varieties.

2)Tinted Glass:

Tinted glass provides additional shading from direct sunlight and warm conditions. This Glass also has many varieties such as:

3) Tempered Glass:

Tempered Glass is extremely strong and often used for safety features. If this glass breaks, it will break into small pieces like stone. This Glass is ideal for reducing the chance of injury in the event of breakage.

Handcrafted Tempered

4. Laminated Glass:

This Glass is the best for reducing noise. It also resists ultraviolet rays providing the highest degree of protection from the sun for your home furnishings.

5. Stained Glass:

It is a colorful Glass used to create dramatic effects in every room of your home. However the stained glass has many other useful advantages in the home.

•  These glasses reduce intense sun rays and protect your furniture, carpets, and precious woods from long-term sun damage.

•  It will also give you just the right amount of sunlight and privacy.

6) Reflective Glass:

This is an ordinary float glass with metallic coating to reduce solar heat. This special metallic coating also produces a mirror effect preventing the object from seen through the glass. It is mainly used in the front Wall.

7) Low-E-Glass:

This glass provides an excellent option to increase your comfort and save energy year round the year.

•  Low-E Glass filters long-wave radiation from the sun.

•  This reduces solar heat gained from the sun in the summer and keeps your home cool.

•  Low E Glass protects the curtains form efficient long rays.

•  Low-E Glass lets warm solar rays into your home retaining the heat into your home.

8. Insulating glass:

It is fitted in windows to prevent heat loss. The glass consists of two or more tightly sealed sheets separated by 6-12 mm of dry air.

9) Colored glass:

It is made by adding oxides of metals to molten glass.

C.Glass Window Finishing Material:

The following two cleaning materials are used for finishing a glass window.

•  Lemon Juice

•  Glass Cleaning Products (Available in Market)

1) Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works well for cleaning and scratches on glass windows. Try to rub a little toothpaste on the mark before polishing.

2) Glass Cleaning Products(Available in Market):

Various types of cleaning materials are available in market which are helpful in finishing glass windows.

D. Windows Grills Designs:

Grills Provide safety to a home. There are some latest designs which are generally used in houses.

E. Window Accessories:

•  Window Knobs

•  Window Handles

•  Window Bolts

•  Window Latches

•  Window Hinges

•  Window Curtains

•  Window Hooks

•  Curtain Rods

•  Window Lintel


•  A window knob provides only a place to grip so that the door may be pulled towards oneself.


•  Locking devices on door handles are necessary for homes with children.

•  Window handle should be easily movable.


Bolts are generally used for security purposes.


•  A latch is a type of mechanical hardware, specifically a fastener, which is used to join two (or more) objects.


•  Hinges are movable joints of the window door.

•  Hinges must be used in a windows. Without hinges a window cannot be opened or closed.


•  Curtains give a stylish look and add beauty to a window or a room.

•  They also help in providing privacy.


•  It generally used for safety of window or to open a window.


•  Curtain rods give an attractive look to a window as well as to the wall.

•  They should be durable to bear the load of curtains.

•  They are available in many sizes, designs and colors that can match your interest and budget.


9. WINDOW LINTEL (Also known as a header):

•  A lintel is a long, rectangular stone block which levels a door or window opening to support the wall or the weight of the structure above.



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