Tips for White Wash


Whitewash revitalizes the sheen and texture of walls in the house. The white color makes the room appears large and maximizes absorption of the heat. It reduces odors and provides sanitary conditions in diaries, barns, poultry houses, stables, kennels or similar buildings. This article gives you tips on surface preparation, mixing solution and application method of whitewash

Where to apply whitewash

Whitewash can be applied on plaster, brick, cement concrete surfaces and woods.    

Prepare the surface

  • Clean the surface

    Tthe surface must be cleaned of mortar droppings. Smoke particles and grease spots on old surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly. 
  • Remove dirt, dust and mold growth

    All growth of moss, moulds should be removed from the surface.  All loose scales, dirt and dust should be removed also.  
  • Repair the patches

    The holes in patches and plaster should be filled with mortar. Let the surface dry for at least 48 hours before doing whitewash.
  • Prepare the solution

  • Step 1: Mix appropriate amount of lime and water 

    Mix fat lime, 1 kg un-slaked (powder) lime into about 5 liters of water to make a thin cream.  Let the thin cream stay for a period of 24 hours.  
  • Step 2: Add Indigo to the solution for brightness

    Screen thin cream through a clean cloth. Mix 40 grams gum into hot water for ten liters of whitewash. Add and mix Indigo (neel) up to 3 gm per kg of lime dissolved into the water. 
    • prepare whitewash solution

      Mixture of whitewash, glue and water

      (This Picture is Contributed by "Harish")

      Apply whitewash thoroughly

    • Apply solution properly

      The whitewash should be applied with brushes vertically and horizontally. Each coat should be dry before the next coat is applied. 
    • Do not leave brush marks

      Brush marks should not be visible after final coat. The whitewash should be done on ceiling, prior to walls
      • Applying whitewash coat

        Man applying second coat of whitewash

        (This Picture is Contributed by "Harish")

        Getting color wash

      • Apply two coats of whitewash before doing color wash for a new shade on old surface. 
      • Prepare required shade of color wash by adding pigments. 
      • Do not apply any primary coat since it is not required on old surface.
      • Keep smooth and uniform finish on the surface.

          Remember before doing whitewash 

        • Use putty for small patches

          Putty should be used for small unevenness in walls since it does not require any curing. Cement mortar should be used for big depressions.  
        • Mix DDL or Fevicol for adhesion

          DDL, SDL, or Fevicol should be mixed into whitewash to increase adhesion. Sometimes soap and common salt should be used in whitewash to increase adhesion.  
        • Apply Indigo for brightness

          Add Indigo into whitewash to increase brightness and whiteness on surfaces. Lime fast pigments can be added to whitewash to provide broad range of colors.
          • Benefits of whitewash

          • Kills germs as it is alkaline in nature.
          • Acts as a primer for dry distemper. 
          • Brightens walls because the light is reflected from white surface. 
          • Absorbs heat and maximizes the space giving matchless whiteness.      
            • Note down  

            • Do whitewashing on new construction after six months of the completion of wall plaster. 
            • Protect doors, windows, floors, articles of furniture etc. and other parts of building from splashes. 
            • Remove splashes and droppings immediately after doing whitewash. Use a cloth (Dhoti) for cleaning in painting work.  
            • Do whitewash on roof tiles to prevent absorption of heat in hot climate reason. 
            • Apply whitewash on stems of trees to protect them from frost damage.
                17  Comment(s)
                By Anonymous - On 2/23/2015 3:22:56 PM
                recently we have applies whit wash , But all of sudden white wash us coming off, it creatnf allergies to my famliy memebers and also the clothes also getting wrose.
                Thirupathi Reddy
                By Thirupathi Reddy -  On  3/17/2014 2:42:58 PM
                How can i do the white wash for Old Building. Please give me suggestion. Building is not painted for last seven years.
                By Anonymous - On 3/7/2014 7:12:24 PM
                i will not get exact answer for my question.which color is sutiable for front elevation.
                By Anonymous - On 8/28/2013 11:09:37 PM
                I think, the quantity of material recommended by Mr Gupta for 50 SqM (Approx 600 SqFt) means only one room of size 11x11 Ft is very high. Again, onsidering 40 gm per 2 Kg of Lime only 280 Gm HDL/DDL is required for 14 Kg lime. But he has recommended 7 Kgs. May review and revise it.
                By Shahzadkhan207 -  On  6/27/2013 3:31:30 PM
                Respected members I Want to Know what is {Adhesive (ddl/sdl)} please tell me detailed about it... Thanks
                S L Gupta (Civil Engg)
                By S L Gupta (Civil Engg) -  On  12/24/2012 12:58:21 PM

                Dear Satish

                            In 50 sqmeter white wash 2 coats on new work following materials are required.

                1. Lime= 14 kg.

                2. Adhesive (ddl/sdl) .7 kg.

                3. Neel = 42 gm.

                4. 70 kg water

                and brush , old cloth, container and ladder is required.

                By satish -  On  12/24/2012 12:58:21 PM
                white wash 50 sqm=how many material required in 2 coats.
                By satish -  On  12/22/2012 6:20:16 PM
                50sqm=how many materials

                white wash 50sqm=how many material (liter's,kgs)in use.
                Gaurav Arora
                By Gaurav Arora -  On  9/6/2012 11:17:02 AM
                quite helpful in painting my house.........
                By Anonymous - On 3/9/2012 2:03:41 PM
                this site is extreme best for decorating home nd furniture
                i like this site and i am following this site to paint my house and interior.
                thanks the admin for this useful site
                By Anonymous - On 11/24/2011 11:18:31 AM
                Niranjan Karmakar
                By Niranjan Karmakar -  On  5/26/2011 9:00:49 AM
                real help for new home builders
                By Anonymous - On 10/19/2010 7:42:03 AM
                what are the disadvantages of whitewash?
                By Anonymous - On 5/24/2009 4:37:04 AM
                I'm in USA, not familiar with process; what chemicals are :DDL, SDL, or Fevicol and "Gum"?
                By Anonymous - On 3/20/2009 5:47:12 PM


                THANKING YOU
                By Anonymous - On 12/6/2008 4:59:30 PM
                I wanted to try an alternative to paints. Is whitewash considered an eco-friendly alternative? Can it have a good finish (not necessarily smooth and glossy)? Where can I get good material (in Chennai)?
                By RUPESH -  On  8/16/2008 9:11:59 PM
                Can someone tell me the exact mrthod of painting in a new construction
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