How to Paint Old Furniture


If you have old furniture or purchased from an auction, it needs painting to get a fresh and new look. I think you should prepare the surface, before you start painting old furniture. The following are some approaches of painting old furniture.  

Tips for preparation of surface

  • The surface must be smooth, dirt-free, and dry.
  • You should remove the Decayed area, collapsed brickwork, baggy plaster, peelings of paint.
  • Make the surface clean by using  dropcloth.

Use liquid wood stripper to fill cracks

To develop shinning onto your furniture you will have to polish it in varnishes, French polish, paint etc. Use liquid wood stripper when the furniture is already painted. You should read the manufacturers instructions and keep those instructions in mind. Be aware while using stripper because it includes many contaminated chemicals, which can be harmful while breathing or touching. Apart from that, various methods are available in market for protection.

Precaution: You should wear rubber gloves and use safety glasses for protecting hand and eyes respectively.

paint old wood furniture

(This Picture is Contributed by "Ahmed")

Do some polishing before paint

Apply painting brush to make liquid uniform

Before you start painting, remove drawers and other removable articles of furniture and put them aside from that place. Make use of  painting brush to spread the liquid poured on the surface of furniture and fill the cracks and gaps on the surface. Wait until the surface of furniture is dry. Then use a plastic tool to scratch surplus and accumulated loose paint into a bucket. You can re-apply scratched paint by adding enough thinner.

At last if there is any dark spot or scratches, moisture, clean them by using mineral spirit. 

Make use of proper brush for painting

Initially use superior brushes and good quality paint for the work.  Use two inches wide painting brush for painting the furniture for large as well as flat surface. You can use half-inch brush for beautiful woodwork  if your furniture has cracks, crevices. 

Apply long lasting paint

The choice of paint and its color purely depends on you. Moreover, if you want original look of the piece, you can paint it with same color. While applying the paint keep in mind its type. Enamel paint gives you a long lasting effect and lustrous finish.

Keep on your work place clean

You can wrap working area with old newspapers and place furniture onto it. If you want to get best results, you will have to apply producer’s instructions. Usually you will start the process by taking large or a straight brush for smooth painting work. You should not leave even a single drop on boundaries and make the process go on smoothly. Use small brushes whenever you paint bottom side or whenever you require.  Go and check for drops and damages after completion of the process.

Paint old furniture

(This Picture is Contributed by "Ahmed")

Keep the place clean as possible.

 Precautions during painting

  • Put waste and rubber gloves in the bucket and wrap them with cloth tightly. Do not keep them in house since they are poisonous elements. Therefore, you have to ask your local manufacturers to find out accurate way to take them away.
  • For enhancing polish of paint, you have to pay attention to manufacturer’s instructions. After you have stripped the furniture to bare wood, you will need to lightly sand entire piece so that the finish is smooth and be free of blemishes. Wipe dust off with a clean and soft rag as liquid wood strippers will simply eradicate lighter furnishes.
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