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Hi, This is RITU RANA from GHAR EXPERT team. I am here to guide you to the right resource so that your problems and queries are answered by the resources available on this website. I'll try to respond to your problems with in one business day. Regards

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For gate post, 13.5x13.5 Brick work with 4.5x4.5 rcc core is better or 6x6 Iron 122-11-2019 01:02
my toilt position east west,right or wrong as per vastu720-11-2019 23:37
Dear Sir,What is the concrete grade used(M15/M20 etc.) in roof casting of normal319-11-2019 23:48
My home is excetly on Tee Point. As per Vastu it is a problemtic home. if it is 3618-11-2019 23:56
plz tell me ideal position of dental chair n patient position in east facing den218-11-2019 23:55
The flooring of my home is marble and i would like to insert brass patti in the 718-11-2019 23:54
which flooring material,marble,tiles,stone etc is cost effective, maintenance fr615-11-2019 23:48
The Almirah with money or cupboard to placed in which direction . Which part of 314-11-2019 23:39
Reply urgent. Regarding 4.5 inch wallHi Everyone,We have constructed 4.5 Red bri2013-11-2019 23:21
need comments on the plan subm,itted by sudha1313-11-2019 23:20
hello ghar expert forumI am in delhi and want to purchase good quality marble.if713-11-2019 22:49
marble flooring is done and pop work is over can i start birla putti before marb513-11-2019 22:45
We are planning to buy a house in USA which has small cut in northeast. in that 313-11-2019 22:27
hi im new home plan frent 36 light 251212-11-2019 22:22
I am planning for a two storied 2BHK house in my village. I am thinking of exter311-11-2019 23:12
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thoughts with Group Help Desk from Ghar Expert.
  22 November, 2019
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  28 October, 2019

LisaTaylor added post "Nice" in this group. at  05:40
Great blog design. I like to follow your creative ideas in blogging....
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Jasper Dedman added post "Essay writer" in this group. at  02:56
I think it doesn't matter which direction you have to build your toi...
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S L Gupta (Civil Engg) added post "Essay writer" in this group. at  00:20
Dear Sir,         Thanks for visiting the site.
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S L Gupta (Civil Engg) added post "Essay writer" in this group. at  00:16
Dear Sir,         Thanks for visiting the site.
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S L Gupta (Civil Engg) added post "Essay writer" in this group. at  00:11
Dear Sir,         Thanks for visiting the site.
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