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Hi, This is RITU RANA from GHAR EXPERT team. I am here to guide you to the right resource so that your problems and queries are answered by the resources available on this website. I'll try to respond to your problems with in one business day. Regards

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East facing 2bhk 25×35118-10-2018 00:15
Hello sir my plot size is 20×50 sq feet. I want house map with car porch117-10-2018 01:03
20×50 sq feet, I want 01 bedroom, car porch, stairs, baitha.117-10-2018 01:03
Towards east facing of my house we have 3way road, so where I should keep back d315-10-2018 00:29
Where should be saptic tank in east face plot315-10-2018 00:22
23 withd and 50 length house115-10-2018 00:17
Does Indian Standards for construction specify the structure reinforcement requi0 
How are TMT grades selected for construction. How do an engineer select the TMT 108-10-2018 00:21
what is the labour out for scaffolding105-10-2018 00:26
what is the standard labour outputs for different work in is code105-10-2018 00:25
I have a plot of 110 yards. Can you suggest me a good interior design for it105-10-2018 00:20
Hello Sir, Plot size is 21x50, East facing , kindly give me a proper plan with v530-09-2018 23:49
What is Vastu Remedy for Lift in Brahmasthan?728-09-2018 23:42
Purchased 43×29sqf south west road facing 37* NE when remove all layout plan on 128-09-2018 23:39
i want layout housing plan for 11*60 area for 2bhk house128-09-2018 23:38
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thoughts with Group Help Desk from Ghar Expert.
  18 October, 2018
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  5 October, 2018

S L Gupta (Civil Engg) added post "" in this group. at  00:26
Dear Sir,           See the schedule of rates.
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S L Gupta (Civil Engg) added post "" in this group. at  00:25
Dear Sir,         Please see the code of of related department of th...
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S L Gupta (Civil Engg) added post "" in this group. at  00:20
Dear Sir,        For plan see the plan section of website gharexpert...
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  30 September, 2018

S L Gupta (Civil Engg) added post "" in this group. at  23:49
Thank you sir
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thutrangctp added post "thanks" in this group. at  19:00
Social networking can help me better relationships. I also use it to...
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