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Home security in your absence
You can use light timers to create activity inside your house. Light timers work also on radio and TV sets. Proper exterior lighting is necessary.

Construction Tip of the day
The thickness of Brick Work joints should not be more than one centimeter and they should be completely filled with mortar.

Containers in garden
Plants in containers can beautify your porch, terrace, balcony and garden. While selecting containers make sure that containers have wide opening and drainage hole as containers need adequate drainage.

Interior Tip of the day
Use three different colors with same intensity for a harmonized look.

Construction Tip of the day
Foundation shall be excavated to the exact depth & width of the widest part of the foundation.

Construction Tip of the day
Flooring- Base Concrete: Flooring shall be laid on base concrete including bottom layer of fine sand to avoid dampness and white ants. The base concrete should be fully vibrated .

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