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 YL-99 Kitchen Waterproof Expert
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 YL-99 Kitchen Waterproof Exper....
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[Product Description] Master King YL-99 kitchen waterproof expert is designed for the home kitchen decoration . When used, stir brushing the surface of the substrate. Polymeric material integrated with the substrate to form a hydrophobic dendritic crystals, so as to achieve excellent waterproof effect, after curing formed a flexible, high adhesion strength waterproof coating. [Product Performance] Excellent flexibility, adaptability of primary deformation; Strong bonding, can be in a humid environment construction; Environmental non-toxic, non-polluting; Has excellent weather resistance. [Scope of products] Concrete, brick, precast facade flat body, etc.; Interior and exterior building walls, floors, such as: bridges, tunnels, basement, kitchen, balcony, bathroom, swimming pools, reservoirs, etc.; Pre-cast body sealing seams, back strip interfaces, structural expansion joints, surrounding the nozzle, lightweight porous masonry; Local reinforcement processing, such as nozzle around, corner and other parts. [Dosage] Calculated in accordance with waterproof membrane thickness of 1.0mm, the dosage is about 1.5-2.0kg/m2, the actual amount depends on the actual situation and the desired of waterproofing layer thickness. [Packing] Plastic drum: 20kg

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