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Noble Marble Polish
NOBLE POLISHING POWDER Noble Polishing powder is the top quality product for polishing stones especially marbles like Italian etc. We have tested it in comparison with world best products available in market. Noble is of supreme quality and unbeatable product in current market. Features: 1. Excellent Shine 2. Very Low Cost 3. Long Life Shine 4. Easy to Use 5. Requires low maintenance Instructions: 1. Use 12000 no diamond pads after 3000 no pads, spread 2 spoon of powder on 2X2 sq ft marble and add 100 ml water to make it as a thick Cream Slurry. 2. Buff with red pad for 5 mins. 3. Add water if required while buffing 4. Used red pad for buffing 5. Once the final polish is achieved, wipe off or wash the floor with water.