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building plan
Sir, We have planned to build G+1 floor house with framed (column) structure and 25-10 (250sqft) feet utility area beyond columns on regular stone masonry foundation. But, now we have noticed that, engineer placed toilet in first floor above the ground floor kitchen. So to avoid this, we need extend 1 bedroom space 11-10 feet (110sqft) construction in 1st floor to utility area where no columns are available in ground floor. We had made 4 feet depth and 1.5 feet width stone foundation. For stone foundation we used PCC, 1 or 2 course of boulders and 1 or 2 course size stone and above that 7 or 9 inches plinth beam has been made. After that, 9 inches red brick wall has been built on that. Now, building is at slab stage. We wanted to extend the beam 10 feet from pillars and other end placed it on 9 inches wall without columns and planed to build only one room (11-10) on that extended area. Please give your suggestion and help us to take suitable decision.