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I have living cum dining room in rectangular shape,how to decorate it
my entrace door is in south direction which comes to living cum dining which dining table is parallel to entrance door
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On : 05/17/2008
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Answered by Ruchika on Thu Dec 27, 2007 1:42 PM

Before starting decoration, your first step should be to think over the purpose, you are using living room for. You should also consider whether the dining area is used regularly or occasionally and how many people are going to use it. As you are saying your entrance door comes to the living room cum dining room, you should maintain a careful balance between a casual and formal setting. Therefore, plan sitting area nearer to the entrance so that you can easily manage your visitors. Align dining table nearer to the kitchen. A living room is always designed to be used as a multipurpose room. Therefore, arrange the furniture in a flexible way. For this purpose, you can divide the various parts of the room with toughened glass to hide the dining area or you can keep the whole area as an interconnected space.


In the rooms having rectangular shapes you can choose dining table of any shapes such as round, oval, square or rectangle as per requirement and space. Round or oval dining tables are in trend and make efficient use of space as compared to the square or rectangle tables.

However, the square or rectangle dining tables are more suitable if you want a dining table for more than six people. For small spaces, folding tables are also available in the market. These tables can be folded up when not in use and you can open up these tables when the need arises. This table can be used as a study table also. Near the dining table, you can align a cabinet with glass panels or open shelves to display your decorative items.

You should use heavy and long bristles doormats at entry areas to prevent any debris from entering your home. Rugs, cushions, throws and upholstery create an element of comfort. Use one rug for dining area and the other for sitting and entertaining area. Neutral carpet is an ideal option. Carpets or rugs give traditional look. If you have wooden flooring or tile flooring, there is no need to use rugs. In case of tile flooring, rugs can be used according the climatic situations.


Decorate your sofas with buttoned cushions of various colors. Buttoned cushions are in trend today. If you have a “Divan” or single bed in living room, use thick linens with patchy or embroidered patterns for a contemporary look. Put many round shape cushions of vibrant colors on it. To decorate the corner of rectangle living room, place a smart corner table with a good-looking lamp to make room charming. You can use a beautiful flowerpot with fresh flowers to refresh the room. You can place a small fountain to create a live atmosphere and bring aroma to your living room. To decorate the windows you can use fabric blinds or curtains of tab top style. Color of the curtain should suit the paint color of the walls.


Appropriate lighting is essential for relaxation. Pendant lighting over the dining area is the perfect choice. Wall sconces add an ornamental flair to your living room.

Add individual chairs for entertaining area so that you can manage the seating space for guests. To make the space wide, one ideal solution is to use folding chairs, which can be folded down when not in use. Wall mounted shelves or a storage cabinet is good option to place things such as Television, DVDs, and Videos etc. Plasma TV or LCD TV mounted in the wall provides luxurious feel.

Proper lighting is must in the entertaining area to avoid any profound effect.


To decorate the wall, select a group of favorite photographs and hang them onto a wall rather than putting them on the shelves and corner tables. Hang a large painting to provoke the sensational effect on another wall.



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