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On : 05/29/2008
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Comment by erin on Wed May 16, 2012 6:52 AM
 Hello, we need GI pipe ,pls contact me. thank you

Answered by Amit Hasija on Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:37 PM

GI pipes (IS No: 1239; Part 1- 1990) are made from hot rolled coils of specified thickness. The pipes are fully galvanized. They are available in 8 mm dia. to 100 mm dia. GI pipes are available in three grades depending on the thickness of the sheet used in the pipe. The three grades are as follows.


1.    Light- Class A: The pipe is marked in yellow color for identification 

2.    Medium- Class B: The pipe is marked in blue color for identification.

3.    Heavy - Class C . The pipe is marked in red color for identification.



The thickness and weight of 15 mm GI pipe is given below.



Class of Pipe

Thickness of sheet

Weight per meter


Class A

2 mm

1.00 Kg.


Class B

2.65 mm

1.28 Kg


Class C

3.25 mm

1.50 Kg


GI pipes are available in 6 meter length. They are commonly used for plumbing and are equally good for high pressure supply lines. The fitting used for GI pipes should be IS No: 1239, Part 2 -1990.




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