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Why one should apply Vastushastra?

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On : 03/15/2008
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Answered by Vipul Hasija on Sun Nov 04, 2007 2:45 PM
 Vaastu is the science of direction and architecture that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the man and the material. Vaastu Shastra is creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called “Paancha Maha Bhootas” of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.
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Answered by Kamal Jindal on Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:31 AM
 Vastushastra is a result-oriented science and gives definite and immediate results if applied properly. It defines the proportions and details of building elongation, slopes, water tanks, kitchen, bedrooms, stairs, heights of roofs, entrances, doors, windows, walls etc. Living in harmony with the nature is theme of Vastushastra. Vastushastra is important for construction of houses, villages, towns, and cities.
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