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Please give me some plans.....
90 x 40 east facing plot....want plan for parking (G) + 2 floors of 3bhk and Living should be front-sided or east...dining, small pooja room, 3 bedrooms and 3 WC...dry balcony, Sitout (east/north sided)..... Main door should be north or east facing.....there should not be a big passage in the house....
Price : Rs.100
Paid : Rs.100
Balance : Rs.0
Question category : Start Construction
On : 02/25/2014
Views : 773
Status : Open
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Expert(s) chosen:  S L GuptaNitien Parmarsabina vanjaniHappy Living ®mukesh premji maruwaheed mirzaS L GuptaRahul DeepakvinsSunil Patilvinay jainAAcharya Raghavkirtipreethiminkssabina vanjaniRahul DeepakvinsNitien ParmarHappy Living ®Sunil Patilvinay jainAAcharya Raghavkirtipreethimukesh premji maruminkswaheed mirza
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Comment by amol on Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:10 PM
 please answer my question...

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