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I want to construct Roof Top of my Ground Floor with area 1551.25 sq feet.Please suggest me what steps to be followed to build the same in a best and economic range.
                     I have already completed Foundation (Plinth) and Post of my  Home with an area  1216  Sq Feet. Now wish to build my Roof Top with an area 1551.25  Sq Feet. I wish to build it in the best possible way like maximum heat proof/damp proof with False ceiling etc..... and of course within a economic range.
                     Please suggest me the best possible ways and also the Materials required to be used with along with quantity and approximate  cost.

With Regards
Dipankar Bora
Cell : 9435167895  

Price : Rs.100
Paid : Rs.100
Balance : Rs.0
Question category : Start Construction
On : 10/24/2015
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Files attached : HOME FINAL.pdf   on :Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:44 AM
Expert(s) chosen:  Nitien Parmarmukesh premji marusabina vanjaniHappy Living ®Sunil Patilvinay jain
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