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Decorating Living Room?
Well ive just found out.. on short notice,that im getting a new house,thing is,theres a painter coming in on monday and he needs to know colours that i want the house painted so im in abit of a hurry! The living room has mahogany units built in and a darkish fireplace.. what colour would suit? Also iv a creame sofa in mind?
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On : 02/15/2008
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Answered by Vipul Hasija on Sun Nov 04, 2007 3:04 PM
 Best Possible ways to decorate the living room are: •Add architectural elements to your livingroom to give it a lavish look such as a fireplace mantel. •Always look out for opportunities to turn your trash and junk into treasure. Old glassware can be used as candleholders and antique cups can be used as votives. •An illustrious wall hanging can take place of a headboard for your bed. •Feel free to use items in different ways other than their traditional uses for the customized touch. •Ornate birdbaths from someone's fountain can easily be turned into a nightstand or a table centerpiece. •Salvage antique window frames can be turned into artistic mirror frames. •Select a theme for your livingroom and only accommodate items that go well with the theme. •Turn vintage clothing or decorative tablecloths into decorative pillow covers. •Wrought iron posts and fences can be used as curtain rods
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Answered by Amit Hasija on Fri Nov 02, 2007 10:34 AM
 neutral. Then any accessories you have will look good. and you can change them too.
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